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Special Metric Nylon Spacers (M8)


Nyfast's special metric M8 nylon spacers are useful for applications that require particular dimensions. They are made of Nylon 6 material are non-conductive and make an ideal insulator. Available with an Internal Diameter (Hole Size) 8.2mm and 8.4mm

  • Nylon 6
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

232 products
Product Code Desc OD ID Length Enquire
BMSPR-1200-820-002 M8 12mm 8.2mm 2mm

BMSPR-1200-820-003 M8 12mm 8.2mm 3mm

BMSPR-1200-820-004 M8 12mm 8.2mm 4mm

BMSPR-1200-820-005 M8 12mm 8.2mm 5mm

BMSPR-1200-820-006 M8 12mm 8.2mm 6mm

BMSPR-1200-820-007 M8 12mm 8.2mm 7mm

BMSPR-1200-820-008 M8 12mm 8.2mm 8mm

BMSPR-1200-820-009 M8 12mm 8.2mm 9mm

BMSPR-1200-820-010 M8 12mm 8.2mm 10mm

BMSPR-1200-820-011 M8 12mm 8.2mm 11mm

BMSPR-1200-820-012 M8 12mm 8.2mm 12mm

BMSPR-1200-820-013 M8 12mm 8.2mm 13mm

BMSPR-1200-820-014 M8 12mm 8.2mm 14mm

BMSPR-1200-820-015 M8 12mm 8.2mm 15mm

BMSPR-1200-820-016 M8 12mm 8.2mm 16mm

BMSPR-1200-820-017 M8 12mm 8.2mm 17mm

BMSPR-1200-820-018 M8 12mm 8.2mm 18mm

BMSPR-1200-820-019 M8 12mm 8.2mm 19mm

BMSPR-1200-820-020 M8 12mm 8.2mm 20mm

BMSPR-1200-820-021 M8 12mm 8.2mm 21mm

BMSPR-1200-820-022 M8 12mm 8.2mm 22mm

BMSPR-1200-820-023 M8 12mm 8.2mm 23mm

BMSPR-1200-820-024 M8 12mm 8.2mm 24mm

BMSPR-1200-820-025 M8 12mm 8.2mm 25mm

BMSPR-1200-820-026 M8 12mm 8.2mm 26mm

BMSPR-1200-820-027 M8 12mm 8.2mm 27mm

BMSPR-1200-820-028 M8 12mm 8.2mm 28mm

BMSPR-1200-820-029 M8 12mm 8.2mm 29mm

BMSPR-1200-820-030 M8 12mm 8.2mm 30mm

BMSPR-1200-820-031 M8 12mm 8.2mm 31mm

BMSPR-1200-820-032 M8 12mm 8.2mm 32mm

BMSPR-1200-820-033 M8 12mm 8.2mm 33mm

BMSPR-1200-820-034 M8 12mm 8.2mm 34mm

BMSPR-1200-820-035 M8 12mm 8.2mm 35mm

BMSPR-1200-820-036 M8 12mm 8.2mm 36mm

BMSPR-1200-820-037 M8 12mm 8.2mm 37mm

BMSPR-1200-820-038 M8 12mm 8.2mm 38mm

BMSPR-1200-820-039 M8 12mm 8.2mm 39mm

BMSPR-1200-820-040 M8 12mm 8.2mm 40mm

BMSPR-1200-820-041 M8 12mm 8.2mm 41mm

BMSPR-1200-820-042 M8 12mm 8.2mm 42mm

BMSPR-1200-820-043 M8 12mm 8.2mm 43mm

BMSPR-1200-820-044 M8 12mm 8.2mm 44mm

BMSPR-1200-820-045 M8 12mm 8.2mm 45mm

BMSPR-1200-820-046 M8 12mm 8.2mm 46mm

BMSPR-1200-820-047 M8 12mm 8.2mm 47mm

BMSPR-1200-820-048 M8 12mm 8.2mm 48mm

BMSPR-1200-820-049 M8 12mm 8.2mm 49mm

BMSPR-1200-820-050 M8 12mm 8.2mm 50mm

BMSPR-1400-820-002 M8 14mm 8.2mm 2mm

BMSPR-1400-820-003 M8 14mm 8.2mm 3mm

BMSPR-1400-820-004 M8 14mm 8.2mm 4mm

BMSPR-1400-820-005 M8 14mm 8.2mm 5mm

BMSPR-1400-820-006 M8 14mm 8.2mm 6mm

BMSPR-1400-820-007 M8 14mm 8.2mm 7mm

BMSPR-1400-820-008 M8 14mm 8.2mm 8mm

BMSPR-1400-820-009 M8 14mm 8.2mm 9mm

BMSPR-1400-820-010 M8 14mm 8.2mm 10mm

BMSPR-1500-840-002 M8 15mm 8.4mm 2mm

BMSPR-1500-840-003 M8 15mm 8.4mm 3mm

BMSPR-1500-840-004 M8 15mm 8.4mm 4mm

BMSPR-1500-840-005 M8 15mm 8.4mm 5mm

BMSPR-1500-840-006 M8 15mm 8.4mm 6mm

BMSPR-1500-840-007 M8 15mm 8.4mm 7mm

BMSPR-1500-840-008 M8 15mm 8.4mm 8mm

BMSPR-1500-840-009 M8 15mm 8.4mm 9mm

BMSPR-1500-840-010 M8 15mm 8.4mm 10mm

BMSPR-1500-840-011 M8 15mm 8.4mm 11mm

BMSPR-1500-840-012 M8 15mm 8.4mm 12mm

BMSPR-1500-840-013 M8 15mm 8.4mm 13mm

BMSPR-1500-840-014 M8 15mm 8.4mm 14mm

BMSPR-1500-840-015 M8 15mm 8.4mm 15mm

BMSPR-1500-840-016 M8 15mm 8.4mm 16mm

BMSPR-1500-840-017 M8 15mm 8.4mm 17mm

BMSPR-1500-840-018 M8 15mm 8.4mm 18mm

BMSPR-1500-840-019 M8 15mm 8.4mm 19mm

BMSPR-1500-840-020 M8 15mm 8.4mm 20mm

BMSPR-1500-840-021 M8 15mm 8.4mm 21mm

BMSPR-1500-840-022 M8 15mm 8.4mm 22mm

BMSPR-1500-840-023 M8 15mm 8.4mm 23mm

BMSPR-1500-840-024 M8 15mm 8.4mm 24mm

BMSPR-1500-840-025 M8 15mm 8.4mm 25mm

BMSPR-1500-840-026 M8 15mm 8.4mm 26mm

BMSPR-1500-840-027 M8 15mm 8.4mm 27mm

BMSPR-1500-840-028 M8 15mm 8.4mm 28mm

BMSPR-1500-840-029 M8 15mm 8.4mm 29mm

BMSPR-1500-840-030 M8 15mm 8.4mm 30mm

BMSPR-1600-840-002 M8 16mm 8.4mm 2mm

BMSPR-1600-840-003 M8 16mm 8.4mm 3mm

BMSPR-1600-840-004 M8 16mm 8.4mm 4mm

BMSPR-1600-840-005 M8 16mm 8.4mm 5mm

BMSPR-1600-840-006 M8 16mm 8.4mm 6mm

BMSPR-1600-840-007 M8 16mm 8.4mm 7mm

BMSPR-1600-840-008 M8 16mm 8.4mm 8mm

BMSPR-1600-840-009 M8 16mm 8.4mm 9mm

BMSPR-1600-840-010 M8 16mm 8.4mm 10mm

BMSPR-1600-840-011 M8 16mm 8.4mm 11mm

BMSPR-1600-840-012 M8 16mm 8.4mm 12mm

BMSPR-1600-840-013 M8 16mm 8.4mm 13mm

BMSPR-1600-840-014 M8 16mm 8.4mm 14mm

BMSPR-1600-840-015 M8 16mm 8.4mm 15mm

BMSPR-1600-840-016 M8 16mm 8.4mm 16mm

BMSPR-1600-840-017 M8 16mm 8.4mm 17mm

BMSPR-1600-840-018 M8 16mm 8.4mm 18mm

BMSPR-1600-840-019 M8 16mm 8.4mm 19mm

BMSPR-1600-840-020 M8 16mm 8.4mm 20mm

BMSPR-1600-840-021 M8 16mm 8.4mm 21mm

BMSPR-1600-840-022 M8 16mm 8.4mm 22mm

BMSPR-1600-840-023 M8 16mm 8.4mm 23mm

BMSPR-1600-840-024 M8 16mm 8.4mm 24mm

BMSPR-1600-840-025 M8 16mm 8.4mm 25mm

BMSPR-1600-840-026 M8 16mm 8.4mm 26mm

BMSPR-1600-840-027 M8 16mm 8.4mm 27mm

BMSPR-1600-840-028 M8 16mm 8.4mm 28mm

BMSPR-1600-840-029 M8 16mm 8.4mm 29mm

BMSPR-1600-840-030 M8 16mm 8.4mm 30mm

BMSPR-1700-840-002 M8 17mm 8.4mm 2mm

BMSPR-1700-840-003 M8 17mm 8.4mm 3mm

BMSPR-1700-840-004 M8 17mm 8.4mm 4mm

BMSPR-1700-840-005 M8 17mm 8.4mm 5mm

BMSPR-1700-840-006 M8 17mm 8.4mm 6mm

BMSPR-1700-840-007 M8 17mm 8.4mm 7mm

BMSPR-1700-840-008 M8 17mm 8.4mm 8mm

BMSPR-1700-840-009 M8 17mm 8.4mm 9mm

BMSPR-1700-840-010 M8 17mm 8.4mm 10mm

BMSPR-1700-840-011 M8 17mm 8.4mm 11mm

BMSPR-1700-840-012 M8 17mm 8.4mm 12mm

BMSPR-1700-840-013 M8 17mm 8.4mm 13mm

BMSPR-1700-840-014 M8 17mm 8.4mm 14mm

BMSPR-1700-840-015 M8 17mm 8.4mm 15mm

BMSPR-1700-840-016 M8 17mm 8.4mm 16mm

BMSPR-1700-840-017 M8 17mm 8.4mm 17mm

BMSPR-1700-840-018 M8 17mm 8.4mm 18mm

BMSPR-1700-840-019 M8 17mm 8.4mm 19mm

BMSPR-1700-840-020 M8 17mm 8.4mm 20mm

BMSPR-1700-840-021 M8 17mm 8.4mm 21mm

BMSPR-1700-840-022 M8 17mm 8.4mm 22mm

BMSPR-1700-840-023 M8 17mm 8.4mm 23mm

BMSPR-1700-840-024 M8 17mm 8.4mm 24mm

BMSPR-1700-840-025 M8 17mm 8.4mm 25mm

BMSPR-1700-840-026 M8 17mm 8.4mm 26mm

BMSPR-1700-840-027 M8 17mm 8.4mm 27mm

BMSPR-1700-840-028 M8 17mm 8.4mm 28mm

BMSPR-1700-840-029 M8 17mm 8.4mm 29mm

BMSPR-1700-840-030 M8 17mm 8.4mm 30mm

BMSPR-2000-840-002 M8 20mm 8.4mm 2mm

BMSPR-2000-840-003 M8 20mm 8.4mm 3mm

BMSPR-2000-840-004 M8 20mm 8.4mm 4mm

BMSPR-2000-840-005 M8 20mm 8.4mm 5mm

BMSPR-2000-840-006 M8 20mm 8.4mm 6mm

BMSPR-2000-840-007 M8 20mm 8.4mm 7mm

BMSPR-2000-840-008 M8 20mm 8.4mm 8mm

BMSPR-2000-840-009 M8 20mm 8.4mm 9mm

BMSPR-2000-840-010 M8 20mm 8.4mm 10mm

BMSPR-2000-840-011 M8 20mm 8.4mm 11mm

BMSPR-2000-840-012 M8 20mm 8.4mm 12mm

BMSPR-2000-840-013 M8 20mm 8.4mm 13mm

BMSPR-2000-840-014 M8 20mm 8.4mm 14mm

BMSPR-2000-840-015 M8 20mm 8.4mm 15mm

BMSPR-2000-840-016 M8 20mm 8.4mm 16mm

BMSPR-2000-840-017 M8 20mm 8.4mm 17mm

BMSPR-2000-840-018 M8 20mm 8.4mm 18mm

BMSPR-2000-840-019 M8 20mm 8.4mm 19mm

BMSPR-2000-840-020 M8 20mm 8.4mm 20mm

BMSPR-2000-840-021 M8 20mm 8.4mm 21mm

BMSPR-2000-840-022 M8 20mm 8.4mm 22mm

BMSPR-2000-840-023 M8 20mm 8.4mm 23mm

BMSPR-2000-840-024 M8 20mm 8.4mm 24mm

BMSPR-2000-840-025 M8 20mm 8.4mm 25mm

BMSPR-2000-840-026 M8 20mm 8.4mm 26mm

BMSPR-2000-840-027 M8 20mm 8.4mm 27mm

BMSPR-2000-840-028 M8 20mm 8.4mm 28mm

BMSPR-2000-840-029 M8 20mm 8.4mm 29mm

BMSPR-2000-840-030 M8 20mm 8.4mm 30mm

BMSPR-2500-840-002 M8 25mm 8.4mm 2mm

BMSPR-2500-840-003 M8 25mm 8.4mm 3mm

BMSPR-2500-840-004 M8 25mm 8.4mm 4mm

BMSPR-2500-840-005 M8 25mm 8.4mm 5mm

BMSPR-2500-840-006 M8 25mm 8.4mm 6mm

BMSPR-2500-840-007 M8 25mm 8.4mm 7mm