Nylon Threaded Rod
  • Nylon Threaded Rod

Metric DIN 976-1 Nylon Threaded Rod

TR - DIN 976-1

Our range of plastic Metric DIN 976-1, Nylon 66 Threaded Rod M3 - M8 as standard but other sizes are available. Completely threaded the whole 1 metre length, perfect for extra long fastening applications.

Supplied in packs of 10
  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • Temperature range -35 to +85°C
  • Sold in lengths of 1 metre

10 products
Product Code Desc Thread Length Price per pack Quantity
TR-M03-005-1000 M3 0.5mm 1000mm £54.49


TR-M04-007-1000 M4 0.7mm 1000mm £51.95


TR-M05-008-1000 M5 0.8mm 1000mm £53.82


TR-M06-010-1000 M6 1mm 1000mm £56.57


TR-M08-0125-1000 M8 1.25mm 1000mm £58.03


TR-M10-0150-1000 M10 1.50mm 1000mm £104.06


TR-M12-0175-1000 M12 1.75mm 1000mm £107.58


TR-M16-0200-1000 M16 2.00mm 1000mm £152.28


TR-M20-0250-1000 M20 2.50mm 1000mm £282.32


TR-M24-0300-1000 M24 3.00mm 1000mm £476.03