Washers & Spacers


Our washers and spacers are used to evenly distribute loads and to act as spacing between materials. Washers can help to reduce vibrations and help to prevent damage to surfaces. Nylon washers and spacers are also non-conductive and make superb insulators. Retaining washers are used to securely hold screws and bolts in place and prevent them moving up and down unnecessarily.

Our spacers are traditionally longer than washers and can be used as a standoff between pcb's or panels. Nylon spacers can also be internally threaded and are available in PA66 or Brass/Nylon versions.

Nyfast's extensive range of washers and spacers are listed here, including Deutsches Institut fur Normung (DIN) standard nylon washers. They are RoHS compliant and suitable for a vast spectrum of industrial insulation and stand off purposes. Other colours and different types of polyamide materials are available to order including flame retardant and heat stabilised. We can also manufacture to specification bespoke washers.