Nyfast's range of Electrical components, including crimp terminals, connector strips, heat shrink and spiral wrapping band are suitable for joining and securing electrical wiring.

Our range of crimp terminals are available in red, yellow and blue which represent different wire clamping gauges. They are designed to form a reliable connection between the wire and terminal block. They have different end connectors to allow use with a variety of electrical terminations.

Connector strips are used to join electrical wires and provide a secure way to extend wiring, they are available with different amp ratings to match the wring being connected. They are made of plastic to provide insulation and have a metal screw to ensure secure connection with the electrical wire.

Heat shrink tubing is used to help protect joins in electrical wiring, it is placed over electrical wiring and heated causing it to shrink tightly and securely over the wiring, providing protection against moisture, they can also be used for cable identification.

Spiral wrapping band is a flexible tubing that is used around cables to protect and organise them and keep them getting tangled, it can easily be removed as necessary. Spiral wrap is used in many industries including electronics and where industrial machinery is used.

Modesty blocks are used by furniture makers to hold panels of MDF or chipboard together and by van lining fitters to secure wooden van linings.

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