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Cable Glands & Bushings

Our range of cable glands are available in various sizes and shapes in order to fit different cables. They help to protect cables from chafing and dirt/water ingress, used in Commercial and Industrial applications, including transportation and manufacturing. Cable glands consist of two main parts which are a sealing gland and threaded base. Cable glands represent an essential part of cable management.

Rubber grommets help to protect cables and hoses from fraying and damage when passing through holes in various surfaces. They are available in a range of thicknesses and hole diameters. Our grommets are available in either open with a hole to thread cables through or closed, where the there is no hole, these are primarily used to provide a finished look to a hole in a surface.

Our nylon hole plugs are used to fill pre-drilled holes and provide a clean, flat surface. They can be used to prevent dust and dirt entering a hole in a surface. Nylon hole plugs are a simple solution for covering and protecting holes.

Our range of snap bushings, including Open/Closed, Snap fit and Universal are an ideal protection for wiring, they are RoHS compliant and UL94-V2; available in Black Nylon 66.

Our cable glands, nylon hole plugs and grommets provide the perfect solution for passing and anchoring cables through panels or into enclosures.

They are made from tough UL Approved nylon 66 designed for single or multi cable use absorbing push, pull and twist forces.