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Plastic Threaded Knobs

Handwheels, Thumbscrew Knobs and Ball Knobs

Nyfast's range of plastic threaded knobs, include:

Star knobs, these handles are in the shape of a four or six pointed star which is ideal for secure fastening and easy release, available in various sizes they have a threaded stud or threaded insert.

Wing knobs have a two lobe handle and are used where high torque is required as these knobs are easy to grip, they are available with a threaded stud or threaded insert.

Thumbscrew knobs have a knurled handle that is easily gripped, they help to prevent slippage during tightening, these are available with a threaded stud or threaded insert, these knobs are ideally suited for applications that have damp surfaces.

Ball knobs have a spherical handle and are usually used in applications with levers or handles, where movement is required in different directions, these have a threaded insert.

Our plastic threaded knobs are typically used with Gymnasium equipment and applications where easy control of height or length of equipment is required.