Metric Nylon Hex Nuts
  • Metric Nylon Hex Nuts

Metric Nylon Hex Nuts - DIN 934

MNHN - DIN 934

Our range of standard nylon nuts. Metric DIN 34814 (formerly DIN 934, DIN 555) Nylon hex Nuts mate perfectly with all our externally threaded products including machine screws, threaded rod (DIN 976-1) and threaded PCB standoffs. For use with spanner or socket drive. M2 - M16 available. Larger sizes on demand.

Supplied in packs of 1000

  • Sizes - M2, M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16
  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • Temperature range -35 to +85°C
22 products
Product Code Color Desc Height Width X Flats Price per pack Quantity
MNHN-M2 Natural M2 1.20mm 3.90mm £29.95


MNHN-M2-B Black M2 1.20mm 3.90mm £49.42


MNHN-M2.5 Natural M2.5 2.10mm 5.10mm £31.50


MNHN-M2.5-B Black M2.5 2.10mm 5.10mm £51.98


MNHN-M3 Natural M3 2.40mm 5.60mm £27.51


MNHN-M3-B Black M3 2.40mm 5.60mm £45.40


MNHN-M3.5 Natural M3.5 2.70mm 6.90mm £33.52


MNHN-M3.5-B Black M3.5 2.70mm 6.90mm £55.32


MNHN-M4 Natural M4 3.20mm 7.00mm £27.77


MNHN-M4-B Black M4 3.20mm 7.00mm £45.82


MNHN-M5 Natural M5 4.00mm 8.00mm £31.46


MNHN-M5-B Black M5 4.00mm 8.00mm £51.92


MNHN-M6 Natural M6 5.00mm 10.00mm £26.50


MNHN-M6-B Black M6 5.00mm 10.00mm £43.73


MNHN-M8 Natural M8 6.50mm 12.00mm £41.68


MNHN-M8-B Black M8 6.50mm 12.00mm £68.78


MNHN-M10 Natural M10 8.00mm 17.00mm £87.21


MNHN-M10-B Black M10 8.00mm 17.00mm £97.00


MNHN-M12 Natural M12 10.10mm 19.00mm £101.14


MNHN-M12-B Black M12 10.10mm 19.00mm £156.00


MNHN-M16 Natural M16 13.30mm 24.00mm £155.25


MNHN-M16-B Black M16 13.30mm 24.00mm £256.16