Nylon Ratchet Rivet
  • Nylon Ratchet Rivet
  • Nylon Ratchet Rivet
  • Nylon Ratchet Rivet
  • Nylon Ratchet Rivet

Ratchet Rivets - Nylon


Our nylon ratchet rivets are easy to use, they comprise two identical parts that when pushed together ratchet down and form a firm grip. They are vibration and corrosion resistant.

Nylon 66

  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +85°C
  • Natural as standard, Black available to order
  • Colour to specification to order
    Available in Flame Retardant (V0) to order
    RoHS compliant 

Supplied in packs of 1000 separate units

12 products
Product Code Hole Dia Head Dia Head Height Panel Thick Price per pack Quantity
NRR-700250-00 7.13mm 19.05mm 2.36mm 5.97-7.57mm £73.14


NRR-700375-02 7.13mm 19.05mm 2.36mm 8.76-12.70mm £76.73


NRR-700750-03 7.13mm 19.05mm 2.36mm 12.70-20.62mm £78.02


NRR-701000-04 7.13mm 19.05mm 2.36mm 19.81-34.93mm £81.37


NRR-400250-05 7.13mm 10.31mm 1.57mm 5.97-7.54mm £69.78


NRR-400375-07 7.13mm 10.31mm 1.57mm 8.79-12.7mm £65.40


NRR-400750-08 7.13mm 10.31mm 1.57mm 12.7-20.65mm £72.87


NRR-401000-09 7.13mm 10.31mm 1.57mm 19.81-34.93mm £78.77


NRR-1672-SP 5.00mm 8.99mm 1.50mm 3.00-3.71mm £85.67


NRR-2086-SP 7.13mm 19.05mm 2.36mm 16.76-29.21mm £89.22


NRR-2668-SP 7.14mm 25.4mm 1.52mm 11.43-18.42mm £100.42


NRR-3140-SP 6.35mm 15.88mm 1.27mm 8.79-12.70mm £73.98