Stand-Off Twist Lock Ties 4
  • Stand-off Twist Lock Ties
  • Stand-off Twist Lock Ties
  • Stand-Off Twist Lock Ties 4

Stand-off Twist Lock Ties 4


Our standoff twist lock ties are suitable for panel thicknesses of 0.8 - 2.0mm and a hole diameter of 6.0mm. Twist the tie to robustly hold wires in place.

Nylon 66 - Natural
A Dim - denotes length of standoff
B Dim - denotes length of twist lock

  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +85°C
  • Flame Retardant (V0) available to order, please contact us.
  • RoHS Compliant 

Supplied in packs of 1000

22 products
Product Code Hole Dia Bundle Dia Panel Thick A Dim B Dim Enquire
NSOTL4-25-4M-66 6.0mm 5.1-7.6mm 0.8-2.0mm 4.0mm 19.1mm

NSOTL4-25-1-66 6.0mm 5.1-7.6mm 0.8-2.0mm 4.8mm 19.1mm

NSOTL4-25-2-66 6.0mm 5.1-7.6mm 0.8-2.0mm 12.7mm 19.1mm

NSOTL4-25-3-66 6.0mm 5.1-7.6mm 0.8-2.0mm 19.1mm 19.1mm

NSOTL4-25-4-66 6.0mm 5.1-7.6mm 0.8-2.0mm 25.4mm 19.1mm

NSOTL4-25-5-66 6.0mm 5.1-7.6mm 0.8-2.0mm 31.8mm 19.1mm

NSOTL4-35-1-66 6.0mm 7.6-10.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 4.8mm 23.1mm

NSOTL4-35-2-66 6.0mm 7.6-10.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 12.7mm 23.1mm

NSOTL4-35-3-66 6.0mm 7.6-10.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 19.1mm 23.1mm

NSOTL4-35-4-66 6.0mm 7.6-10.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 25.4mm 23.1mm

NSOTL4-35-5-66 6.0mm 7.6-10.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 31.8mm 23.1mm

NSOTL4-45-1-66 6.0mm 10.2-12.7mm 0.8-2.0mm 4.8mm 27.7mm

NSOTL4-45-2-66 6.0mm 10.2-12.7mm 0.8-2.0mm 12.7mm 27.7mm

NSOTL4-45-3-66 6.0mm 10.2-12.7mm 0.8-2.0mm 19.1mm 27.7mm

NSOTL4-45-4-66 6.0mm 10.2-12.7mm 0.8-2.0mm 25.4mm 27.7mm

NSOTL4-45-5-66 6.0mm 10.2-12.7mm 0.8-2.0mm 31.8mm 27.7mm

NSOTL4-60-4M-66 6.0mm 12.7-15.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 4.0mm 32.5mm

NSOTL4-60-1-66 6.0mm 12.7-15.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 4.8mm 32.5mm

NSOTL4-60-2-66 6.0mm 12.7-15.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 12.7mm 32.5mm

NSOTL4-60-3-66 6.0mm 12.7-15.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 19.1mm 32.5mm

NSOTL4-60-4-66 6.0mm 12.7-15.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 25.4mm 32.5mm

NSOTL4-60-5-66 6.0mm 12.7-15.2mm 0.8-2.0mm 31.8mm 32.5mm