Standard flat nylon washers
  • Standard flat nylon washers
  • Standard Flat Nylon Washers
  • Standard Flat Nylon Washers
  • Standard Flat Nylon Washers

Standard Flat Nylon Washers


Our standard washers have different dimensions to the metric washers and are available in various thicknesses, along with a varitety of outer and inner measurements.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

40 products
Product Code OD ID Thick Price per pack Quantity
FW-635-229-081 6.35mm 2.29mm 0.81mm £15.37


FW-635-229-157 6.35mm 2.29mm 1.57mm £16.37


FW-635-229-236 6.35mm 2.29mm 2.36mm £17.37


FW-635-229-318 6.35mm 2.29mm 3.18mm £18.37


FW-635-292-081 6.35mm 2.92mm 0.81mm £15.37


FW-635-292-157 6.35mm 2.92mm 1.57mm £18.10


FW-635-292-236 6.35mm 2.92mm 2.36mm £19.10


FW-635-292-318 6.35mm 2.92mm 3.18mm £21.10


FW-792-356-081 7.92mm 3.56mm 0.81mm £18.16


FW-792-356-157 7.92mm 3.56mm 1.57mm £19.16


FW-792-356-236 7.92mm 3.56mm 2.36mm £20.16


FW-792-356-318 7.92mm 3.56mm 3.18mm £22.16


FW-953-434-081 9.53mm 4.34mm 0.81mm £18.75


FW-953-434-157 9.53mm 4.34mm 1.57mm £19.75


FW-953-434-236 9.53mm 4.34mm 2.36mm £20.42


FW-953-434-318 9.53mm 4.34mm 3.18mm £22.75


FW-953-493-081 9.53mm 4.93mm 0.81mm £18.75


FW-953-493-157 9.53mm 4.93mm 1.57mm £19.75


FW-953-493-236 9.53mm 4.93mm 2.36mm £20.75


FW-953-493-318 9.53mm 4.93mm 3.18mm £22.75


FW-1270-653-081 12.7mm 6.53mm 0.81mm £19.71


FW-1270-653-157 12.7mm 6.53mm 1.57mm £21.71


FW-1270-653-236 12.7mm 6.53mm 2.36mm £22.71


FW-1270-653-318 12.7mm 6.53mm 3.18mm £25.45


FW-1270-805-081 12.7mm 8.05mm 0.81mm £20.45


FW-1270-805-157 12.7mm 8.05mm 1.57mm £22.45


FW-1270-805-236 12.7mm 8.05mm 2.36mm £24.45


FW-1270-805-318 12.7mm 8.05mm 3.18mm £26.45


FW-1588-965-081 15.88mm 9.65mm 0.81mm £21.39


FW-1588-965-157 15.88mm 9.65mm 1.57mm £23.39


FW-1588-965-236 15.88mm 9.65mm 2.36mm £25.39


FW-1588-965-318 15.88mm 9.53mm 3.18mm £28.39


FW-1905-1125-081 19.05mm 11.25mm 0.81mm £24.62


FW-1905-1125-157 19.05mm 11.25mm 1.57mm £26.62


FW-1905-1125-236 19.05mm 11.25mm 2.36mm £28.62


FW-1905-1125-318 19.05mm 11.25mm 3.18mm £31.62


FW-1905-1283-081 19.05mm 12.83mm 0.81mm £27.93


FW-1905-1283-157 19.05mm 12.83mm 1.57mm £29.93


FW-1905-1283-236 19.05mm 12.83mm 2.36mm £31.93


FW-1905-1283-318 19.05mm 12.83mm 3.18mm £34.93