Nylon Metric Shoulder Washers
  • Nylon Metric Shoulder Washers
  • Nylon Metric Shoulder Washers

Nylon Standard Metric Shoulder Washers


Our standard metric shoulder washers can be used with our range of nylon metric machine screws, they can be utilised to separate metal screws where conductivity is an issue.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant  rohs.jpg
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
  • Natural as standard
  • Available in black - please contact

Supplied in packs of 1000

Click here for our range of non-standard nylon shoulder washers
47 products
Product Code Major OD Minor OD ID Head Thick Length Price per pack Quantity
SHW-M02-318 4.60mm 3.05mm 2.29mm 1.17mm 3.18mm £38.54


SHW-M02-953 4.60mm 3.05mm 2.29mm 1.20mm 9.53mm £38.58


MSHW-M03-002 6.20mm 4.00mm 3.10mm 1.00mm 2.00mm £44.37


SHW-M03-318 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.20mm 3.18mm £46.30


SHW-M03-475 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.17mm 4.75mm £45.93


SHW-M03-635 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.20mm 6.35mm £46.60


MSHW-M04-003 8.20mm 6.00mm 4.10mm 1.50mm 3.00mm £46.48


SHW-M04-356 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.40mm 1.58mm 3.56mm £48.22


MSHW-M04-004 8.20mm 6.00mm 4.10mm 1.50mm 4.00mm £47.12


SHW-M04-475 7.93mm 5.95mm 4.68mm 0.79mm 4.75mm £48.26


SHW-M04-635 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.40mm 1.58mm 6.35mm £48.22


MSHW-M04-007 8.20mm 6.00mm 4.10mm 1.50mm 7.00mm £50.67


MSHW-M04-009 8.20mm 6.00mm 4.10mm 1.50mm 9.00mm £54.34


SHW-M04-953 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.40mm 1.58mm 9.53mm £48.26


SHW-M05-200 9.91mm 7.96mm 5.16mm 1.99mm 1.99mm £54.21


MSHW-M05-003 10.20mm 7.00mm 5.10mm 2.00mm 3.00mm £57.83


MSHW-M05-005 10.20mm 7.00mm 5.10mm 2.00mm 5.00mm £59.47


SHW-M05-635 10.14mm 6.61mm 5.08mm 1.58mm 6.35mm £34.85


MSHW-M05-009 10.20mm 7.00mm 5.10mm 2.00mm 9.00mm £60.87


SHW-M05-953 10.14mm 6.61mm 5.08mm 1.61mm 9.53mm £51.43


SHW-M05-1270 10.14mm 6.69mm 5.08mm 1.58mm 12.70mm £51.43


SHW-M05-1905 10.14mm 6.61mm 5.08mm 1.58mm 19.05mm £51.43


SHW-M06-158 10.80mm 7.88mm 6.35mm 1.58mm 1.58mm £49.55


SHW-M06-239 12.83mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 2.39mm £44.64


SHW-M06-318 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 3.18mm £54.69


SHW-M06-359 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 3.59mm £53.03


MSHW-M06-004 12.20mm 8.00mm 6.10mm 2.00mm 4.00mm £60.96


SHW-M06-475 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 4.75mm £54.09


MSHW-M06-006 12.20mm 8.00mm 6.10mm 2.00mm 6.00mm £61.25


SHW-M06-635 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 6.35mm £53.03


MSHW-M06-008 12.20mm 8.00mm 6.10mm 2.00mm 8.00mm £61.53


SHW-M06-953 13.09mm 7.90mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 9.53mm £53.03


SHW-M06-1270 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 12.70mm £53.03


SHW-M06-1588 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 15.88mm £79.95


SHW-M06-1905 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 19.05mm £81.17


SHW-M08-237 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.61mm 2.37mm £53.47


SHW-M08-318 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 3.18mm £54.61


MSHW-M08-006 14.20mm 10.00mm 8.10mm 2.50mm 6.00mm £61.67


SHW-M08-635 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 6.35mm £50.84


MSHW-M08-008 14.20mm 10.00mm 8.10mm 2.50mm 8.00mm £64.08


SHW-M08-953 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 9.53mm £59.63


MSHW-M08-012 14.20mm 10.00mm 8.10mm 2.50mm 12.00mm £67.90


SHW-M08-1270 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 12.70mm £50.84


SHW-M08-1588 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 15.88mm £50.84


MSHW-M08-016 14.20mm 10.00mm 8.10mm 2.50mm 16.00mm £74.74


SHW-M10-1067 18.04mm 11.94mm 10.67mm 1.91mm 10.67mm £96.56


SHW-M12-1344 22.23mm 15.17mm 12.70mm 1.17mm 13.44mm £127.13