Drive Fastener
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  • Drive Fastener
  • Drive Fastener

Drive Fastener


Easy to use
Flexible expanding one piece unit
Pop in hole and push down
Clean & neat finish

Supplied in POM (Polyoxymethylene) as standard, also known as Acetal
Temperature range: -50 to +100°C
Black as standard, Natural to order
Available in Nylon UL94-V0 (Flame Retardant) and Nylon 66 to order

RoHS compliant. 

Supplied in packs of 1000 separate units


7 products
Product Code Hole Dia (G) Head Dia (D) Head Height (H) Length (L) Panel Thick (T) Price per pack Quantity
NDF-137-010B 3.2mm 8.0mm 1.5mm 13.0mm 1.0-4.5mm £37.55


NDF-137-020B 3.9mm 9.0mm 1.6mm 14.0mm 1.0-5.0mm £40.48


NDF-137-030B 4.7mm 10.0mm 1.7mm 15.0mm 1.0-5.5mm £42.68


NDF-137-031B 4.7mm 11.0mm 2.9mm 15.0mm 1.0-5.5mm £42.90


NDF-137-040B 6.4mm 12.0mm 2.0mm 17.0mm 1.5-6.5mm £43.12


NDF-137-050B 7.8mm 14.0mm 2.2mm 19.0mm 1.5-7.0mm £45.76


NDF-137-060B 5.5mm 12.0mm 2.0mm 18.0mm 6.0-9.0mm £45.98