Hook And Loop Coins / Squares
  • Hook And Loop Coins / Squares

Hook And Loop Coins / Squares


Our hook and loop coins & squares are rubber backed self adhesive on an easy release liner roll. Availble in Black and White as standard

Rubber backed self-adhesive
Available in Black and White
Other colours available to order, please contact us

1 pack contains same quantity of hook and loop on separate rolls.
On easy release liner roll

10 products
Product Code Color Width Type Pack size Price per pack Quantity
0130-CHAL Black 13.0mm Coin 1500 £33.10


0130-CHAL White 13.0mm Coin 1500 £33.10


0220-CHAL Black 22.00mm Coin 1000 £46.81


0220-CHAL White 22.00mm Coin 1000 £46.81


0330-CHAL Black 33.00mm Coin 700 £70.80


0330-CHAL White 33.00mm Coin 700 £70.80


0200-SQHAL Black 20.00mm Square 1000 £34.80


0200-SQHAL White 20.00mm Square 1000 £34.80


0250-SQHAL Black 25.00mm Square 850 £51.60


0250-SQHAL White 25.00mm Square 850 £51.60