Ball Knob Gloss Finish
  • Ball Knob Gloss Finish
  • Ball Knob Gloss Finish
  • Ball Knob Gloss Finish

Ball Knob-17AF


Our range of plastic ball knobs fitted with an internal metric thread in sizes M4 to M12. These threaded ball knobs are used on levers and shafts in a range of Industries including Gymnasiums and Construction.

  • Duroplast with Metric Thread
  • Gloss Finish
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Available in Black only

Supplied in packs of 100 units

Other sizes available to Order, please enquire

14 products
Product Code OD (A) Thread Height (B) (C) Dim Price per pack Quantity
BK-17AF-PK-M4-16 16.00mm M4 15.00mm 8.00mm £68.62


BK-17AF-PK-M5-16 16.00mm M5 15.00mm 8.00mm £68.62


BK-17AF-PK-M5-19 19.00mm M5 17.00mm 12.00mm £74.34


BK-17AF-PK-M6-19 19.00mm M6 17.00mm 12.00mm £74.34


BK-17AF-PK-M6-25 25.00mm M6 23.00mm 14.00mm £85.78


BK-17AF-PK-M6-32 32.00mm M6 30.00mm 15.00mm £105.80


BK-17AF-PK-M8-25 25.00mm M8 23.00mm 14.00mm £85.78


BK-17AF-PK-M8-32 32.00mm M8 30.00mm 15.00mm £105.80


BK-17AF-PK-M8-38 38.00mm M8 36.00mm 17.00mm £142.98


BK-17AF-PK-M10-32 32.00mm M10 30.00mm 15.00mm £105.80


BK-17AF-PK-M10-38 38.00mm M10 36.00mm 17.00mm £142.98


BK-17AF-PK-M10-44 44.00mm M10 43.00mm 13.00mm £180.16


BK-17AF-PK-M12-38 38.00mm M12 36.00mm 17.00mm £142.98


BK-17AF-PK-M12-44 44.00mm M12 43.00mm 13.00mm £180.16