Metric Red Fibre washer
  • Metric Red Fibre washer
  • Metric Red Fibre washer

Red Metric Fibre Washers


We stock a standard BS 6091 range of red fibre metric washers M3 – M20. Non conductive, highly resistant to oils and petrol.

  • Standard red fibre
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature up to +110°C
  • Available in red fibre

Supplied in packs of 1000

9 products
Product Code OD ID Thick Price per pack Quantity
MFIB-M3 7.0mm 3.2mm 0.5mm £30.97


MFIB-M4 9.0mm 4.3mm 0.8mm £39.18


MFIB-M5 10.0mm 5.3mm 1.0mm £40.63


MFIB-M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 1.0mm £42.34


MFIB-M8 17.0mm 8.4mm 1.0mm £54.52


MFIB-M10 21.0mm 10.5mm 1.0mm £61.86


MFIB-M12 24.0mm 13.0mm 2.5mm £102.64


MFIB-M16 30.0mm 17.0mm 3.0mm £163.09


MFIB-M20 37.0mm 21.0mm 3.0mm £210.68