Bumpers Square


Square bumpers made of polyurethane with aggressive acrylic adhesive to
securely protect surfaces and products

  • UL Standard colours are Clear and Black.
  • White, Brown and Grey are available on special order
  • Crack resistant and non-staining or marring.
  • Vibration and shock mitigation.
  • BSI-94 High performance acrylic adhesive.
  • (BSI-95 aggressive synthetic adhesive available).
  • Superb coefficient of friction and resistance to skidding.
  • Contains no fillers, oils or plasticisers.
Technical drawings available, please phone
8 products
Product Code Color Width Height Pack Size Price per pack Quantity
NBS-3-BLACK Black 12.60mm 5.70mm 5000 £320.54


NBS-19-BLACK Black 20.50mm 7.50mm 2000 £225.46


NBS-20-BLACK Black 10.00mm 2.50mm 10000 £373.56


NBS-32-BLACK Black 12.70mm 3.10mm 10000 £414.48


NBS-3-CLEAR Clear 12.60mm 5.70mm 5000 £320.54


NBS-19-CLEAR Clear 20.50mm 7.50mm 2000 £225.46


NBS-20-CLEAR Clear 10.00mm 2.50mm 10000 £373.56


NBS-32-CLEAR Clear 12.70mm 3.10mm 10000 £414.48