Hex Brass Nylon Male Female Spacer
  • Hex Brass Nylon Male Female Spacer
  • Hex Brass Nylon Male Female Spacer
  • Hex Brass Nylon Male Female Spacer

Hex Brass Nylon Male/Female Spacer


Our hex brass nylon male/female spacer has a threaded stud at one end of a nylon hex spacer and a tapped insert at the other, this spacer can be used with another of the same type to lengthen it.

  • Nylon 66 Standoff
  • UL94-V2
  • Brass Threaded Stud / Insert
  • Nylon Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
  • Dimensions displayed in Millimetres
  • Other sizes available, please call

  • This product is made to order, therefore the lead time is approx 1-3 weeks

Supplied in packs of 200

44 products
Product Code Thread X Flats Length Stud Length Insert Length Price per pack Quantity
HTBNS-M3-15-MF M3 6.4mm 15mm 6mm 6.5mm £110.73


HTBNS-M3-20-MF M3 6.4mm 20mm 6mm 6.5mm £115.86


HTBNS-M3-25-MF M3 6.4mm 25mm 6mm 6.5mm £121.14


HTBNS-M3-30-MF M3 6.4mm 30mm 6mm 6.5mm £126.12


HTBNS-M3-35-MF M3 6.4mm 35mm 6mm 6.5mm £131.25


HTBNS-M3-40-MF M3 6.4mm 40mm 6mm 6.5mm £136.56


HTBNS-M3-45-MF M3 6.4mm 45mm 6mm 6.5mm £141.54


HTBNS-M3-50-MF M3 6.4mm 50mm 6mm 6.5mm £146.67


HTBNS-M4-15-MF M4 8mm 15mm 6mm 6mm £116.19


HTBNS-M4-20-MF M4 8mm 20mm 6mm 6mm £121.65


HTBNS-M4-25-MF M4 8mm 25mm 6mm 6mm £127.50


HTBNS-M4-30-MF M4 8mm 30mm 6mm 6mm £132.96


HTBNS-M4-35-MF M4 8mm 35mm 6mm 6mm £138.45


HTBNS-M4-40-MF M4 8mm 40mm 6mm 6mm £144.27


HTBNS-M4-45-MF M4 8mm 45mm 6mm 6mm £149.91


HTBNS-M4-50-MF M4 8mm 50mm 6mm 6mm £155.37


HTBNS-M4-55-MF M4 8mm 55mm 6mm 6mm £160.68


HTBNS-M4-60-MF M4 8mm 60mm 6mm 6mm £166.35


HTBNS-M4-65-MF M4 8mm 50mm 6mm 6mm £171.63


HTBNS-M4-70-MF M4 8mm 70mm 6mm 6mm £177.12


HTBNS-M4-75-MF M4 8mm 75mm 6mm 6mm £182.76


HTBNS-M5-20-MF M5 9.5mm 20mm 10mm 10mm £138.60


HTBNS-M5-25-MF M5 9.5mm 25mm 10mm 10mm £145.62


HTBNS-M5-30-MF M5 9.5mm 30mm 10mm 10mm £152.31


HTBNS-M5-35-MF M5 9.5mm 35mm 10mm 10mm £159.30


HTBNS-M5-40-MF M5 9.5mm 40mm 10mm 10mm £165.81


HTBNS-M5-45-MF M5 9.5mm 45mm 10mm 10mm £172.68


HTBNS-M5-50-MF M5 9.5mm 50mm 10mm 10mm £179.34


HTBNS-M5-55-MF M5 9.5mm 55mm 10mm 10mm £186.00


HTBNS-M5-60-MF M5 9.5mm 60mm 10mm 10mm £192.84


HTBNS-M5-65-MF M5 9.5mm 65mm 10mm 10mm £199.71


HTBNS-M5-70-MF M5 9.5mm 70mm 10mm 10mm £206.40


HTBNS-M5-75-MF M5 9.5mm 75mm 10mm 10mm £213.06


HTBNS-M6-25-MF M6 12.7mm 25mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £178.14


HTBNS-M6-30-MF M6 12.7mm 30mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £188.91


HTBNS-M6-35-MF M6 12.7mm 35mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £199.56


HTBNS-M6-40-MF M6 12.7mm 40mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £209.97


HTBNS-M6-45-MF M6 12.7mm 45mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £220.41


HTBNS-M6-50-MF M6 12.7mm 50mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £231.03


HTBNS-M6-55-MF M6 12.7mm 55mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £241.44


HTBNS-M6-60-MF M6 12.7mm 60mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £251.91


HTBNS-M6-65-MF M6 12.7mm 65mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £262.32


HTBNS-M6-70-MF M6 12.7mm 70mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £272.76


HTBNS-M6-75-MF M6 12.7mm 75mm 12.7mm 12.7mm £283.38