The Huge Potential and Versatility of Nylon Fastenings


Innovation in plastic production has meant that traditional metal fastenings are largely being passed over in favour of the many excellent nylon alternatives. These fastenings are not only non-conductive and non-oxidising but potentially as strong and durable as their predecessors. Lightweight, aesthetic and affordable, they offer advanced properties that have the potential to revolutionise what your business has to offer.

Whilst an array of equipment was once required to assemble panelled products, nylon fasteners can offer fast and efficient tool-free construction. With simple push-fit fastening solutions, meeting the demands of modern manufacture has never been easier. Complicated rework issues of metal rivet construction can be avoided all together, and elegantly designed releasable plastic rivets provide great opportunities for both temporary and longer lasting installations.

Our range of nylon rivets and fastenings offer infinite potential with applications as diverse as the automotive, aerospace, electrical and white-goods industries. They are ideal for furniture manufacture, a multitude of retail applications and for the construction of housing for just about anything one might imagine.

Aside from the more obvious applications within the manufacturing industry these versatile polymer fastenings also offer many uses for the hobby and creative markets as well. Nylon fastenings can facilitate the imaginings of your customers with potential uses in the creation of modern statement jewellery, household projects and even costume and set design. The sky truly is the limit!


Snap Rivets offer the fastest, easiest to use method of fastening two panels together. They come pre-assembled and require only push application without any need for tools. The result is an instant, neat and strong fastening that is certain to last. Our Snap Rivets are available in a range of sizes and can be produced in a wide selection of colours, allowing you to coordinate the appearance of your product or use these clean, tidy fastenings as a visual tool. Nylon snap rivets are extremely durable, with high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and temperature durability ranging from -30 to +85°C.

Flame retardant Snap Rivets can also be manufactured to order. The lightness of the fastenings make them ideal for the manufacture of fuel-efficient vehicles and their affordability means that you can produce light, mobile products while retaining excellent value for money. Click here to view our range of snap rivets.


With the arrival of Plastic Screw Rivets or “Scrivets” a new world of potential unfolds before us. Screw Rivets offer the same durable hold and instant push fit application as Snap Rivets but with the convenience and versatility of easy release and reuse. With our broad selection of Screw Rivets you are sure to find a practical and stylish solution for your design needs. Screw Rivets are widely used in many market sectors to provide speed of assembly and removal. Click here to explore our range of Scrivets!

The potential for Screw Rivets within the retail and advertising sector is particularly exciting as display and signage structures can be assembled and disassembled in the blink of an eye. Installations can be reconstructed and repurposed, stored and reused without having to worry about wear and tear. All industries without exception benefit from time saving and efficiency and with this in mind, it is clear that our products offer great possibilities in terms of saving time and money.


Our innovative Quarter Turn Nylon Rivets make assembly and disassembly virtually instantaneous! With this incredibly robust fastening system you simply apply pressure with your finger to secure the application in place, then to release, all that is required is a quarter turn with a screw driver. Suitable applications for this rapid assembly system are broad ranging, but include the manufacture of electrical equipment and appliances, motor vehicles, and furniture. Click here for more information.


With such a great variety of nylon fasteners to choose from we are sure to have a product that will meet your requirements. We carry a great range of Fir Tree Clips. These fastenings, (which get their name from the shape of the barbs that run down the length of the fastener), are UV and corrosion resistant and ideal for any panel installations that must resist vibration. Push Lock Rivets offer yet another releasable solution.

We have barely scratched the surface of the options available to you, but hopefully have provided you with some ideas and inspiration to help improve your productivity and your bottom line.


Specialising in plastic components for clients across the globe, our comprehensive product range offers the end user a multitude of highly efficient solutions. Our expert sales team is on hand for advice and will help you to identify the most practical and cost effective fastening for your manufacturing process. If you are on the hunt for a bespoke solution to meet your specific requirements, please get in touch to discuss your options!

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