Male/Female Metric Hex Standoff
  • Male/Female Metric Hex Standoff
  • Male/Female Metric Hex Standoff
  • Male/Female Metric Hex Standoff

Male/Female Metric Hex Standoff


Male/Female Metric Hex Nylon Standoffs, perfect for spacing securely PCBs or other panels.
Screw to chassis and use a hex nut (sold separately) to secure to the PCB to hold components safely apart.

  • Black Nylon 66
  • Available in Natural to order, please phone
  • Other sizes available to order, please call for details

Supplied in packs of 1000

45 products
Product Code Desc Thread A B C L M Price per pack Quantity
NNTS-M2.5-5-66 M2.5 X 5 M2.5 3.0mm 8.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm M2.5 £114.22


NNTS-M2.5-8-66 M2.5 X 8 M2.5 6.0mm 8.0mm 5.0mm 8.0mm M2.5 £119.22


NNTS-M2.5-10-66 M2.5 X 10 M2.5 8.0mm 8.0mm 5.0mm 10.0mm M2.5 £124.22


NNTS-M3-5-66 M3 X 5 M3 3.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 5.0mm M3 £94.05


NNTS-M3-8-66 M3 X 8 M3 6.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 8.0mm M3 £96.05


NNTS-M3-10-66 M3 X 10 M3 8.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 10.0mm M3 £98.05


NNTS-M3-12-66 M3 X 12 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 12.0mm M3 £101.20


NNTS-M3-13-66 M3 X 13 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 13.0mm M3 £103.20


NNTS-M3-15-66 M3 X 15 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 15.0mm M3 £105.20


NNTS-M3-16-66 M3 X 16 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 16.0mm M3 £107.20


NNTS-M3-18-66 M3 X 18 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 18.0mm M3 £109.20


NNTS-M3-20-66 M3 X 20 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 20.0mm M3 £111.20


NNTS-M3-22-66 M3 X 22 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 22.0mm M3 £145.75


NNTS-M3-25-66 M3 X 25 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 25.0mm M3 £147.75


NNTS-M3-27-66 M3 X 27 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 27.0mm M3 £149.75


NNTS-M3-30-66 M3 X 30 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 30.0mm M3 £151.75


NNTS-M3-35-66 M3 X 35 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 35.0mm M3 £161.15


NNTS-M3-40-66 M3 X 40 M3 10.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm 40.0mm M3 £163.15


NNTS-M4-5-66 M4 X 5 M4 3.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 5.0mm M4 £109.45


NNTS-M4-7-66 M4 X 7 M4 5.5mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 7.0mm M4 £111.45


NNTS-M4-8-66 M4 X 8 M4 6.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm M4 £113.45


NNTS-M4-10-66 M4 X 10 M4 8.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm M4 £115.45


NNTS-M4-12-66 M4 X 12 M4 8.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 12.0mm M4 £117.45


NNTS-M4-13-66 M4 X 13 M4 8.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 13.0mm M4 £119.45


NNTS-M4-15-66 M4 X 15 M4 8.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 15.0mm M4 £121.45


NNTS-M4-18-66 M4 X 18 M4 8.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 18.0mm M4 £123.45


NNTS-M4-20-66 M4 X 20 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 20.0mm M4 £125.45


NNTS-M4-25-66 M4 X 25 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 25.0mm M4 £127.45


NNTS-M4-30-66 M4 X 30 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 30.0mm M4 £129.45


NNTS-M4-32-66 M4 X 32 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 32.0mm M4 £161.15


NNTS-M4-34-66 M4 X 34 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 34.0mm M4 £163.15


NNTS-M4-35-66 M4 X 35 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 35.0mm M4 £165.15


NNTS-M4-36-66 M4 X 36 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 36.0mm M4 £167.15


NNTS-M4-40-66 M4 X 40 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 40.0mm M4 £169.15


NNTS-M4-42-66 M4 X 42 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 42.0mm M4 £177.65


NNTS-M4-45-66 M4 X 45 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 45.0mm M4 £179.65


NNTS-M4-55-66 M4 X 55 M4 10.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 55.0mm M4 £213.95


NNTS-M5-10-66 M5 X 10 M5 8.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 10.0mm M5 £138.78


NNTS-M5-16-66 M5 X 16 M5 10.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 16.0mm M5 £140.78


NNTS-M5-25-66 M5 X 25 M5 10.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 25.0mm M5 £142.78


NNTS-M5-30-66 M5 X 30 M5 10.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 30.0mm M5 £144.78


NNTS-M5-35-66 M5 X 35 M5 10.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 35.0mm M5 £248.23


NNTS-M5-40-66 M5 X 40 M5 10.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 40.0mm M5 £250.23


NNTS-M5-50-66 M5 X 50 M5 10.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 50.0mm M5 £274.08


NNTS-M6-30-66 M5 X 30 M5 10.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 30.0mm M6 £213.97