Metric Tapped Round nylon Spacers
  • Metric Tapped Round nylon Spacers
  • Metric Tapped Round Nylon Spacers
  • Metric Tapped Round Nylon Spacers

Metric Tapped Round Nylon Spacers


Our nylon metric tapped round spacers are threaded along their entire length with a metric thread. These are suitable for use with metric screws or bolts.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

164 products
Product Code Thread OD Length Enquire
MTRSPR-0039-M3 M3 6.35mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0040-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0041-M4 M4 6.35mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0042-M5 M5 6.35mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0043-M3 M3 6.35mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0044-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0045-M4 M4 6.35mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0046-M5 M5 6.35mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0047-M3 M3 6.35mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0048-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0049-M4 M4 6.35mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0050-M5 M5 6.35mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0051-M3 M3 6.35mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0052-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0053-M4 M4 6.35mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0054-M5 M5 6.35mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0055-M3 M3 6.35mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0056-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0057-M4 M4 6.35mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0058-M5 M5 6.35mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0059-M3 M3 6.35mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0060-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0061-M4 M4 6.35mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0062-M5 M5 6.35mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0063-M3 M3 6.35mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0064-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0065-M4 M4 6.35mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0066-M5 M5 6.35mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0067-M3 M3 6.35mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0068-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0069-M4 M4 6.35mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0070-M5 M5 6.35mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0071-M3 M3 6.35mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0072-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0073-M4 M4 6.35mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0074-M5 M5 6.35mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0075-M3 M3 6.35mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0076-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0077-M4 M4 6.35mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0078-M5 M5 6.35mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0079-M3 M3 6.35mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0080-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0081-M4 M4 6.35mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0082-M5 M5 6.35mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0083-M3 M3 6.35mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0084-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0085-M4 M4 6.35mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0086-M5 M5 6.35mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0087-M3 M3 6.35mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0088-M35 M3.5 6.35mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0089-M4 M4 6.35mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0090-M5 M5 6.35mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0095-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0096-M4 M4 7.94mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0097-M5 M5 7.94mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0099-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0100-M4 M4 7.94mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0101-M5 M5 7.94mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0103-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0104-M4 M4 7.94mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0105-M5 M5 7.94mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0107-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0108-M4 M4 7.94mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0109-M5 M5 7.94mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0111-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0112-M4 M4 7.94mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0113-M5 M5 7.94mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0115-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0116-M4 M4 7.94mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0117-M5 M5 7.94mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0119-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0120-M4 M4 7.94mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0121-M5 M5 7.94mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0123-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0124-M4 M4 7.94mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0125-M5 M5 7.94mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0127-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0128-M4 M4 7.94mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0129-M5 M5 7.94mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0131-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0132-M4 M4 7.94mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0133-M5 M5 7.94mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0135-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0136-M4 M4 7.94mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0137-M5 M5 7.94mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0139-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0140-M4 M4 7.94mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0141-M5 M5 7.94mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0143-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0144-M4 M4 7.94mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0145-M5 M5 7.94mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0147-M35 M3.5 7.94mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0148-M4 M4 7.94mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0149-M5 M5 7.94mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0161-M4 M4 9.53mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0162-M5 M5 9.53mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0164-M4 M4 9.53mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0165-M5 M5 9.53mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0167-M4 M4 9.53mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0168-M5 M5 9.53mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0170-M4 M4 9.53mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0171-M5 M5 9.53mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0173-M4 M4 9.53mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0174-M5 M5 9.53mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0176-M4 M4 9.53mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0177-M5 M5 9.53mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0179-M4 M4 9.53mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0180-M5 M5 9.53mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0182-M4 M4 9.53mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0183-M5 M5 9.53mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0185-M4 M4 9.53mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0186-M5 M5 9.53mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0188-M4 M4 9.53mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0189-M5 M5 9.53mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0191-M4 M4 9.53mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0192-M5 M5 9.53mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0194-M4 M4 9.53mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0195-M5 M5 9.53mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0197-M4 M4 9.53mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0198-M5 M5 9.53mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0200-M4 M4 9.53mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0201-M5 M5 9.53mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0208-M4 M4 12.7mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0209-M5 M5 12.7mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0211-M6 M6 12.7mm 4.76mm

MTRSPR-0213-M4 M4 12.7mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0214-M5 M5 12.7mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0216-M6 M6 12.7mm 6.35mm

MTRSPR-0218-M4 M4 12.7mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0219-M5 M5 12.7mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0221-M6 M6 12.7mm 7.94mm

MTRSPR-0223-M4 M4 12.7mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0224-M5 M5 12.7mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0226-M6 M6 12.7mm 9.53mm

MTRSPR-0228-M4 M4 12.7mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0229-M5 M5 12.7mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0231-M6 M6 12.7mm 11.11mm

MTRSPR-0233-M4 M4 12.7mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0234-M5 M5 12.7mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0236-M6 M6 12.7mm 12.70mm

MTRSPR-0238-M4 M4 12.7mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0239-M5 M5 12.7mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0241-M6 M6 12.7mm 14.29mm

MTRSPR-0243-M4 M4 12.7mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0244-M5 M5 12.7mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0246-M6 M6 12.7mm 15.88mm

MTRSPR-0248-M4 M4 12.7mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0249-M5 M5 12.7mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0251-M6 M6 12.7mm 17.46mm

MTRSPR-0253-M4 M4 12.7mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0254-M5 M5 12.7mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0256-M6 M6 12.7mm 19.05mm

MTRSPR-0258-M4 M4 12.7mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0259-M5 M5 12.7mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0261-M6 M6 12.7mm 20.64mm

MTRSPR-0263-M4 M4 12.7mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0264-M5 M5 12.7mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0266-M6 M6 12.7mm 22.23mm

MTRSPR-0268-M4 M4 12.7mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0269-M5 M5 12.7mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0271-M6 M6 12.7mm 23.81mm

MTRSPR-0273-M4 M4 12.7mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0274-M5 M5 12.7mm 25.40mm

MTRSPR-0276-M6 M6 12.7mm 25.40mm