studded pcb supports
  • studded pcb supports
  • Studded PCB Support
  • Studded PCB Support

Studded PCB Supports


  • Hole: 4.0mm
  • Panel Thickness: 1.57mm 
  • Thread: M4

Nylon 66 natural
RoHS Compliant 
Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
Flame retardant (V0) available to order – please phone

Supplied in packs of 1000

9 products
Product Code Hole Dia Length Panel Thick Price per pack Quantity
NSCBS-4-66 4.00mm 6.4mm 1.57mm £36.07


NSCBS-6-66 4.00mm 9.5mm 1.57mm £36.71


NSCBS-8-66 4.00mm 12.7mm 1.57mm £37.79


NSCBS-10-66 4.00mm 15.9mm 1.57mm £38.75


NSCBS-12-66 4.00mm 19.1mm 1.57mm £39.82


NSCBS-14-66 4.00mm 22.2mm 1.57mm £40.40


NSCBS-16-66 4.00mm 25.4mm 1.57mm £41.21


NSCBS-18-66 4.00mm 28.6mm 1.57mm £42.18


NSCBS-22.5-66 4.00mm 35.7mm 1.57mm £53.74