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Snap Rivets - Black


Our range of nylon snap rivets are pre-assembled, just push into the hole and push down. Clean, neat finish - the fastest, easiest to use method of fastening two panels together

Nylon 6

  • Temperature Range: -30 to +85°C
  • Black
  • Other Colours to specification to order
  • Available in Flame Retardant (V0) to order
  • RoHS compliant   rohs.jpg
Supplied in packs of 1000
Please click here for White Nylon Snap Rivets


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NR-2672 2.7mm 5.0mm 1.4mm 7.2mm 5.1-6.0mm £38.89


NR-3035 3.1mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 3.5mm 1.0-2.0mm £35.64


NR-3045 3.1mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 4.5mm 2.0-3.0mm £38.36


NR-3050 3.1mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 5.0mm 2.5-3.5mm £38.48


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NR-3080 3.1mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 8.0mm 5.5-6.5mm £39.63


NR-3090 3.1mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 9.0mm 6.5-7.5mm £40.91


NR-3100 3.1mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 10.0mm 7.5-8.5mm £43.21


NR-3145 3.1mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 14.5mm 11.5-13.0mm £43.21


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NR-3535 3.6mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 3.5mm 1.2-2.1mm £44.36


NR-3545 3.6mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 4.5mm 2.2-3.1mm £45.53


NR-3550 3.6mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 5.0mm 2.7-3.6mm £46.17


NR-3555 3.6mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 5.5mm 3.2-4.1mm £47.06


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NR-4040 4.1mm 8.0mm 1.8mm 4.0mm 1.7-2.5mm £42.06


NR-4050 4.1mm 8.0mm 1.8mm 5.0mm 2.5-3.5mm £42.06


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NR-5045 5.1mm 9.0mm 2.2mm 4.5mm 1.5-2.5mm £45.76


NR-5055 5.1mm 9.0mm 2.2mm 5.5mm 2.5-3.5mm £45.76


NR-5065 5.1mm 9.0mm 2.2mm 6.5mm 3.5-4.5mm £45.76


NR-5075 5.1mm 9.0mm 2.2mm 7.5mm 4.5-5.5mm £45.76


NR-5085 5.1mm 9.0mm 2.2mm 8.5mm 5.5-6.5mm £48.22


NR-5095 5.1mm 9.0mm 2.2mm 9.5mm 6.5-7.5mm £56.27


NR-5105 5.1mm 9.0mm 2.2mm 10.5mm 7.5-8.5mm £59.31


NR-5865 6.0mm 12.0mm 2.7mm 6.3mm 3.0-4.5mm £67.56


NR-6060 6.1mm 12.0mm 2.5mm 6.0mm 2.5-4.0mm £73.40


NR-6080 6.1mm 12.0mm 3.0mm 8.0mm 4.0-5.5mm £76.13