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Nylon Arrow Clips


Easy to use
Flexible expanding one piece unit
Pop in hole and push down
Clean & neat finish

Nylon 66
Temperature range: -30 to +85°C
Natural as standard. Black available to order
Colour to specification to order
Available in Flame Retardant (V0) to order
RoHS compliant. 

Supplied in packs of 1000 separate units

20 products
Product Code Hole Dia Width Head Dia Length Panel Thick Price per pack Quantity
NAC0001 4.62-4.88mm 5.72mm 9.14mm 10.54mm 1.57-3.18mm £31.03


NAC0002 3.33-3.43mm 4.11mm 7.11mm 9.65mm 1.57-3.18mm £38.08


NAC0004 3.84-4.09mm 4.57mm 7.11mm 10.16mm 1.57-3.68mm £39.97


NAC0005 5.41-5.66mm 6.3mm 9.4mm 13.08mm 1.57-4.06mm £38.06


NAC0005-SP 5.41-5.66mm 6.3mm 12.7mm 13.72mm 1.57-4.75mm £54.25


NAC0005-BT 5.46-5.72mm 6.3mm 9.4mm 13.08mm 4.75-6.6mm £56.95


NAC0006-WB 4.62-4.88mm 5.72mm 9.65mm 13.97mm 7.87-8.38mm £54.17


NAC0007 5.41-5.66mm 5.59mm 9.4mm 11.43mm 1.57-3.18mm £37.56


NAC0009 6.35-6.6mm 7.37mm 12.29mm 14.61mm 3.18-4.75mm £41.85


NAC0011 4.62-4.88mm 5.23mm 9.4mm 13.16mm 4.19-4.75mm £38.98


NAC0013 3.30-3.36mm 4.11mm 7.11mm 8.08mm 3.18-3.56mm £39.15


NAC0014 3.68-3.81mm 4.98mm 6.86mm 13.46mm 7.37-7.62mm £39.55


NAC0015 3.0-3.10mm 3.81mm 7.11mm 9.91mm 1.57-3.18mm £39.03


NAC0016 6.35-6.60mm 6.99mm 15.49mm 20.57mm 9.14-9.65mm £78.02


NAC0017 8.13-8.51mm 9.53mm 17.35mm 22.86mm 1.57-8.64mm £83.05


NAC0018 4.06-4.19mm 4.72mm 7.11mm 10.16mm 0.81-3.18mm £37.93


NAC0021-WB-SP 6.35-6.60mm 7.11mm 12.7mm 16mm 3.18-6.35mm £73.96


NAC0024-WB 6.35-6.60mm 7.29mm 15.49mm 28.83mm 12.7-19.05mm £78.03


NAC1668 5.41-5.66mm 6.3mm 15.88mm 12.5mm 1.57-4.75mm £81.23


NAC1996 4.57-4.83mm 5.54mm 9.14mm 11.43mm 1.02-2.54mm £100.23