Pin Foot
  • Pin Foot
  • 3D Pin Feet

Pin Feet 117 / 129


Pin Feet

  • All dimension in millimetres.
  • Foot in thermoplastic rubber.
  • Pin Polypropylene
  • Black as standard

A Dim = Minor OD
C Dim = Height    
D Dim = Major OD

Please refer to PDF.

Supplied in packs of 1000

9 products
Product Code Hole Dia Panel Thick A Dim C Dim D Dim Price per pack Quantity
NF-117 8.20mm 0.8-1.5mm 18.00mm 10.00mm 20.00mm £118.97


NF-118 7.80mm 0.8-1.5mm 18.00mm 10.00mm 20.00mm £142.15


NF-121 7.80mm 5.0-8.0mm 20.00mm 6.00mm 21.00mm £126.75


NF-123 7.80mm 0.8-1.5mm 23.00mm 5.00mm 25.00mm £140.42


NF-124 8.20mm 0.5-1.2mm 18.00mm 12.00mm 20.00mm £112.77


NF-125 8.20mm 0.8-1.8mm 18.00mm 15.00mm 20.00mm £117.78


NF-126 8.20mm 0.5-1.2mm 18.00mm 18.00mm 20.00mm £138.53


NF-128 7.80mm 0.8-1.5mm 18.00mm 15.00mm 20.00mm £169.65


NF-129 10.20mm 2.5-3.2mm 28.00mm 15.00mm 30.00mm £129.57