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Pin Feet 101 / 4 / 15


Pin Feet

  • All dimension in millimetres.
  • Foot in thermoplastic rubber.
  • Rivet (Female) Nylon 6
  • Screw Pin Acetal
  • Black as standard
  • (BSI-95 aggressive synthetic adhesive available).
  • Superb coefficient of friction and resistance to skidding.

Supplied in packs of 1000

3 products
Product Code Hole Dia Panel Thick A Dim B Dim C Dim Price per pack Quantity
NF-101 5.0-5.1mm 1.0-2.3mm 20.0mm 24.0mm 14.0mm £297.00


NF-104 5.0-5.1mm 1.0-2.3mm 18.0mm 20.0mm 10.0mm £259.20


NF-115 5.0-5.1mm 0.5-1.5mm 28.0mm 30.0mm 15.0mm £509.14