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PCB Card Guides


Supports and protects your PCB card Fits front hole 3.18mm
Fits rear slot hole 3.05 x 5.53mm

Smooth channel guide
Moulded in tough electrically insulating nylon 66
Please note that PCB guides with the suffix "-WS " maybe
subject to long lead times.

Please see .pdf for more info
Note: " -WS " suffix denotes split leg 

Supplied in Packs of 1000

15 products
Product Code A Dim B Dim Enquire
PCBG-00250 51.0mm 64.0mm

PCBG-00300 64.0mm 75.0mm

PCBG-00350 75.0mm 89.0mm

PCBG-00400 89.0mm 100.0mm

PCBG-00450 100.0mm 114.0mm

PCBG-00500 114.0mm 127.0mm

PCBG-00550 127.0mm 140.0mm

PCBG-00600 140.0mm 150.0mm

PCBG-00250-WS 51.0mm 64.0mm

PCBG-00300-WS 64.0mm 75.0mm

PCBG-00400-WS 89.0mm 100.0mm

PCBG-00450-WS 100.0mm 114.0mm

PCBG-00500-WS 114.0mm 127.0mm

PCBG-00550-WS 127.0mm 140.0mm

PCBG-00600-WS 140.0mm 150.0mm