Open Snap Bushings
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  • Open Snap Bushings
  • Open Snap Bushings

Open Snap Bushings


Our range of Open Snap Bushings
Protects wiring
Fits variable diameter hole
Neat finish
Cost effective

Panel Thickness Range - 0.7mm to 3.5mm

  • UL94-V2
  • Temperature range: -30oC to +80oC
  • Nylon 66
  • RoHS Compliant¬†
  • Only available in BLACK

Supplied in packs of 1000 units

11 products
Product Code Hole Dia OD ID Height Head Thick Panel Thick Fig Enquire
NOSB-9.5A 9.5mm 11.4mm 6.6mm 6.5mm 1.3mm 0.7-1.7mm 1

NOSB-9.5B 9.5mm 10.7mm 6.7mm 9.9mm 1.3mm 0.8-3.2mm 1

NOSB-11.1 11.1mm 12.7mm 7.9mm 10.3mm 1.6mm 0.8-3.2mm 1

NOSB-13 13.0mm 14.9mm 9.0mm 10.5mm 1.5mm 0.8-3.5mm 1

NOSB-16 16.0mm 18.0mm 10.5mm 10.5mm 1.6mm 1.2-3.5mm 1

NOSB-19 19.0mm 20.6mm 14.5mm 11.0mm 1.3mm 1.2-3.3mm 1

NOSB-25.4 25.4mm 26.6mm 20.6mm 10.3mm 1.6mm 0.8-3.2mm 2

NOSB-27.8 27.8mm 29.4mm 22.2mm 10.3mm 1.6mm 0.8-3.2mm 2

NOSB-31.8 31.8mm 34.1mm 26.6mm 10.3mm 1.6mm 0.8-3.2mm 2

NOSB-34.9 34.9mm 37.3mm 29.7mm 10.3mm 1.6mm 0.8-3.2mm 2

NOSB-38.1 38.1mm 40.1mm 31.7mm 10.7mm 1.6mm 0.8-3.2mm 2