Nylon Retaining Washers
  • Nylon Retaining Washers
  • Nylon Retaining Washers
  • Nylon Retaining Washers

Nylon Retaining Washers


The nylon retaining washer securely grips on to the thread of the metal screw or bolt being used, thereby ensuring that the fastener will not work loose.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

25 products
Product Code OD Major ID Minor ID Thick Price per pack Quantity
RW-0203-0078-0032 5.16mm 2.92mm 1.98mm 0.81mm £25.61


RW-0203-0078-0062 5.16mm 2.92mm 1.98mm 1.57mm £26.28


RW-0230-0070-0016-SP 5.84mm 2.84mm 1.78mm 0.41mm £26.99


RW-0266-0102-0032 6.76mm 3.96mm 2.59mm 0.81mm £28.14


RW-0266-0102-0062 6.76mm 3.96mm 2.59mm 1.57mm £28.57


RW-0266-0102-0125 6.76mm 3.96mm 2.59mm 3.18mm £29.14


RW-0328-0128-0032 8.33mm 5.03mm 3.25mm 0.81mm £30.12


RW-0328-0128-0062 8.33mm 5.03mm 3.25mm 1.57mm £30.54


RW-0390-0110-0032 9.91mm 3.4mm 2.79mm 0.81mm £31.01


RW-0390-0152-0062 9.91mm 5.97mm 3.86mm 1.57mm £31.32


RW-0391-0152-0032 9.93mm 5.97mm 3.86mm 0.81mm £31.51


RW-0394-0167-0030-SP 10.01mm 6.5mm 4.24mm 0.76mm £31.67


RW-0453-0152-0032 11.51mm 5.97mm 3.86mm 0.81mm £31.95


RW-0453-0177-0032 11.51mm 7.04mm 4.5mm 0.81mm £32.71


RW-0453-0177-0062 11.51mm 7.04mm 4.5mm 1.57mm £32.26


RW-0500-0177-0062 12.7mm 7.04mm 4.5mm 1.57mm £33.18


RW-0500-0234-0032 12.7mm 8.74mm 5.94mm 0.81mm £33.76


RW-0594-0234-0032 15.09mm 9.53mm 5.94mm 0.81mm £33.99


RW-0594-0234-0062 15.09mm 9.53mm 5.94mm 1.57mm £34.05


RW-0734-0292-0032 18.64mm 11.94mm 7.42mm 0.81mm £34.67


RW-0734-0292-0062 18.64mm 11.94mm 7.42mm 1.57mm £34.99


RW-0875-0250-0040-SP 22.23mm 11.05mm 6.35mm 1.02mm £35.14


RW-0891-0350-0032 22.63mm 14.33mm 8.89mm 0.81mm £35.87


RW-0891-0350-0062 22.63mm 14.33mm 8.89mm 1.57mm £36.41


RW-1031-0410-0062 26.19mm 14.48mm 10.41mm 1.57mm £36.93