Special Flat Nylon Washers
  • Special Flat Nylon Washers
  • Special Flat Nylon Washers
  • Special Flat Nylon Washers
  • Special Flat Nylon Washers

Special Flat Nylon Washers


Nyfast's special flat washers have non-standard dimensions and are useful for applications that require bespoke sized washers. We have over 300 different sizes.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

345 products
Product Code OD ID Thick Enquire
SFW-305-140-203 3.05mm 1.40mm 2.03mm

SFW-455-165-198 4.55mm 1.65mm 1.98mm

SFW-475-305-254 4.75mm 3.05mm 2.54mm

SFW-566-483-259 5.66mm 4.83mm 2.59mm

SFW-597-368-292 5.97mm 3.68mm 2.92mm

SFW-635-229-081 6.35mm 2.29mm 0.81mm

SFW-635-229-157 6.35mm 2.29mm 1.57mm

SFW-635-229-236 6.35mm 2.29mm 2.36mm

SFW-635-292-081 6.35mm 2.92mm 0.81mm

SFW-635-292-157 6.35mm 2.92mm 1.57mm

SFW-635-292-236 6.35mm 2.92mm 2.36mm

SFW-635-315-076 6.35mm 3.15mm 0.76mm

SFW-635-330-236 6.35mm 3.30mm 2.36mm

SFW-635-356-203 6.35mm 3.56mm 2.03mm

SFW-635-356-236 6.35mm 3.56mm 2.36mm

SFW-635-358-157 6.35mm 3.58mm 1.57mm

SFW-635-396-236 6.35mm 3.96mm 2.36mm

SFW-635-445-254 6.35mm 4.45mm 2.54mm

SFW-638-384-089 6.38mm 3.84mm 0.89mm

SFW-701-320-051 7.01mm 3.20mm 0.51mm

SFW-711-381-274 7.11mm 3.81mm 2.74mm

SFW-714-305-051 7.14mm 3.05mm 0.51mm

SFW-714-356-051 7.14mm 3.56mm 0.51mm

SFW-724-330-152 7.24mm 3.30mm 1.52mm

SFW-724-356-280 7.24mm 3.56mm 2.80mm

SFW-724-356-300 7.24mm 3.56mm 3.00mm

SFW-788-483-082 7.88mm 4.83mm 0.82mm

SFW-793-161-229 7.93mm 1.61mm 2.29mm

SFW-793-356-082 7.93mm 3.56mm 0.82mm

SFW-793-356-120 7.93mm 3.56mm 1.20mm

SFW-793-356-158 7.93mm 3.56mm 1.58mm

SFW-793-356-237 7.93mm 3.56mm 2.37mm

SFW-793-381-051 7.93mm 3.81mm 0.51mm

SFW-793-381-079 7.93mm 3.81mm 0.79mm

SFW-793-387-254 7.93mm 3.87mm 2.54mm

SFW-793-412-158 7.93mm 4.12mm 1.58mm

SFW-793-435-082 7.93mm 4.35mm 0.82mm

SFW-793-475-127 7.93mm 4.75mm 1.27mm

SFW-793-488-280 7.93mm 4.88mm 2.80mm

SFW-801-321-079 8.01mm 3.21mm 0.79mm

SFW-801-356-079 8.01mm 3.56mm 0.79mm

SFW-801-371-079 8.01mm 3.71mm 0.79mm

SFW-813-397-079 8.13mm 3.97mm 0.79mm

SFW-813-559-082 8.13mm 5.59mm 0.82mm

SFW-834-300-158 8.34mm 3.00mm 1.58mm

SFW-900-321-079 9.00mm 3.21mm 0.79mm

SFW-900-348-300 9.00mm 3.48mm 3.00mm

SFW-900-430-079 9.00mm 4.30mm 0.79mm

SFW-905-455-300 9.05mm 4.55mm 3.00mm

SFW-915-432-115 9.15mm 4.32mm 1.15mm

SFW-928-381-280 9.28mm 3.81mm 2.80mm

SFW-940-539-229 9.40mm 5.39mm 2.29mm

SFW-940-539-313 9.40mm 5.39mm 3.13mm

SFW-940-554-178 9.40mm 5.54mm 1.78mm

SFW-953-331-079 9.53mm 3.31mm 0.79mm

SFW-953-359-082 9.53mm 3.59mm 0.82mm

SFW-953-435-082 9.53mm 4.35mm 0.82mm

SFW-953-435-158 9.53mm 4.35mm 1.58mm

SFW-953-435-237 9.53mm 4.35mm 2.37mm

SFW-953-475-082 9.53mm 4.75mm 0.82mm

SFW-953-493-082 9.53mm 4.93mm 0.82mm

SFW-953-493-158 9.53mm 4.93mm 1.58mm

SFW-953-493-237 9.53mm 4.93mm 2.37mm

SFW-953-554-082 9.53mm 5.54mm 0.82mm

SFW-953-557-153 9.53mm 5.57mm 1.53mm

SFW-953-580-300 9.53mm 5.80mm 3.00mm

SFW-953-643-214 9.53mm 6.43mm 2.14mm

SFW-953-648-237 9.53mm 6.48mm 2.37mm

SFW-953-648-293 9.53mm 6.48mm 2.93mm

SFW-1001-356-127 10.01mm 3.56mm 1.27mm

SFW-1001-531-300 10.01mm 5.31mm 3.00mm

SFW-1037-450-158 10.37mm 4.50mm 1.58mm

SFW-1039-714-199 10.39mm 7.14mm 1.99mm

SFW-1055-572-127 10.55mm 5.72mm 1.27mm

SFW-1100-620-100 11.00mm 6.20mm 1.00mm

SFW-1105-635-239 11.05mm 6.35mm 2.39mm

SFW-1110-374-158 11.10mm 3.74mm 1.58mm

SFW-1110-463-082 11.10mm 4.63mm 0.82mm

SFW-1110-508-082 11.10mm 5.08mm 0.82mm

SFW-1110-508-158 11.10mm 5.08mm 1.58mm

SFW-1110-516-097 11.10mm 5.16mm 0.97mm

SFW-1110-516-237 11.10mm 5.16mm 2.37mm

SFW-1110-567-204 11.10mm 5.67mm 2.04mm

SFW-1110-661-120 11.10mm 6.61mm 1.20mm

SFW-1131-737-084 11.31mm 7.37mm 0.84mm

SFW-1143-508-122 11.43mm 5.08mm 1.22mm

SFW-1169-519-079 11.69mm 5.19mm 0.79mm

SFW-1182-475-082 11.82mm 4.75mm 0.82mm

SFW-1189-641-079 11.89mm 6.41mm 0.79mm

SFW-1199-641-150 11.99mm 6.41mm 1.50mm

SFW-1270-315-254 12.70mm 3.15mm 2.54mm

SFW-1270-419-191 12.70mm 4.19mm 1.91mm

SFW-1270-475-102 12.70mm 4.75mm 1.02mm

SFW-1270-475-237 12.70mm 4.75mm 2.37mm

SFW-1270-478-158 12.70mm 4.78mm 1.58mm

SFW-1270-572-166 12.70mm 5.72mm 1.66mm

SFW-1270-587-079 12.70mm 5.87mm 0.79mm

SFW-1270-648-191 12.70mm 6.48mm 1.91mm

SFW-1270-653-082 12.70mm 6.53mm 0.82mm

SFW-1270-653-158 12.70mm 6.53mm 1.58mm

SFW-1270-653-237 12.70mm 6.53mm 2.37mm

SFW-1270-674-079 12.70mm 6.74mm 0.79mm

SFW-1270-686-084 12.70mm 6.86mm 0.84mm

SFW-1270-762-214 12.70mm 7.62mm 2.14mm

SFW-1270-806-082 12.70mm 8.06mm 0.82mm

SFW-1270-806-158 12.70mm 8.06mm 1.58mm

SFW-1270-806-237 12.70mm 8.06mm 2.37mm

SFW-1270-872-158 12.70mm 8.72mm 1.58mm

SFW-1270-953-221 12.70mm 9.53mm 2.21mm

SFW-1283-953-127 12.83mm 9.53mm 1.27mm

SFW-1296-491-127 12.96mm 4.91mm 1.27mm

SFW-1342-953-204 13.42mm 9.53mm 2.04mm

SFW-1367-691-120 13.67mm 6.91mm 1.20mm

SFW-1372-1029-204 13.72mm 10.29mm 2.04mm

SFW-1372-1029-285 13.72mm 10.29mm 2.85mm

SFW-1400-1022-201 14.00mm 10.22mm 2.01mm

SFW-1400-1100-150 14.00mm 11.00mm 1.50mm

SFW-1410-648-120 14.10mm 6.48mm 1.20mm

SFW-1428-516-102 14.28mm 5.16mm 1.02mm

SFW-1428-516-158 14.28mm 5.16mm 1.58mm

SFW-1428-635-079 14.28mm 6.35mm 0.79mm

SFW-1428-648-237 14.28mm 6.48mm 2.37mm

SFW-1428-661-158 14.28mm 6.61mm 1.58mm

SFW-1428-674-077 14.28mm 6.74mm 0.77mm

SFW-1428-681-158 14.28mm 6.81mm 1.58mm

SFW-1428-834-158 14.28mm 8.34mm 1.58mm

SFW-1466-656-161 14.66mm 6.56mm 1.61mm

SFW-1489-808-074 14.89mm 8.08mm 0.74mm

SFW-1499-1032-300 14.99mm 10.32mm 3.00mm

SFW-1502-651-150 15.02mm 6.51mm 1.50mm

SFW-1502-651-221 15.02mm 6.51mm 2.21mm

SFW-1524-856-161 15.24mm 8.56mm 1.61mm

SFW-1524-1075-082 15.24mm 10.75mm 0.82mm

SFW-1560-630-191 15.60mm 6.30mm 1.91mm

SFW-1575-475-158 15.75mm 4.75mm 1.58mm

SFW-1575-953-158 15.75mm 9.53mm 1.58mm

SFW-1578-851-161 15.78mm 8.51mm 1.61mm

SFW-1588-432-158 15.88mm 4.32mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-475-107 15.88mm 4.75mm 1.07mm

SFW-1588-508-158 15.88mm 5.08mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-539-079 15.88mm 5.39mm 0.79mm

SFW-1588-554-158 15.88mm 5.54mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-635-158 15.88mm 6.35mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-653-158 15.88mm 6.53mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-674-153 15.88mm 6.74mm 1.53mm

SFW-1588-674-237 15.88mm 6.74mm 2.37mm

SFW-1588-712-077 15.88mm 7.12mm 0.77mm

SFW-1588-714-293 15.88mm 7.14mm 2.93mm

SFW-1588-742-102 15.88mm 7.42mm 1.02mm

SFW-1588-793-158 15.88mm 7.93mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-801-079 15.88mm 8.01mm 0.79mm

SFW-1588-864-158 15.88mm 8.64mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-915-115 15.88mm 9.15mm 1.15mm

SFW-1588-915-158 15.88mm 9.15mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-966-082 15.88mm 9.66mm 0.82mm

SFW-1588-966-158 15.88mm 9.66mm 1.58mm

SFW-1588-966-237 15.88mm 9.66mm 2.37mm

SFW-1588-1032-305 15.88mm 10.32mm 3.05mm

SFW-1588-1110-237 15.88mm 11.10mm 2.37mm

SFW-1588-1113-079 15.88mm 11.13mm 0.79mm

SFW-1588-1230-158 15.88mm 12.30mm 1.58mm

SFW-1591-430-082 15.91mm 4.30mm 0.82mm

SFW-1591-1029-092 15.91mm 10.29mm 0.92mm

SFW-1601-821-100 16.01mm 8.21mm 1.00mm

SFW-1639-958-163 16.39mm 9.58mm 1.63mm

SFW-1651-813-161 16.51mm 8.13mm 1.61mm

SFW-1677-491-237 16.77mm 4.91mm 2.37mm

SFW-1687-864-204 16.87mm 8.64mm 2.04mm

SFW-1700-841-201 17.00mm 8.41mm 2.01mm

SFW-1705-1263-079 17.05mm 12.63mm 0.79mm

SFW-1728-991-082 17.28mm 9.91mm 0.82mm

SFW-1745-661-102 17.45mm 6.61mm 1.02mm

SFW-1745-661-153 17.45mm 6.61mm 1.53mm

SFW-1745-864-153 17.45mm 8.64mm 1.53mm

SFW-1753-788-153 17.53mm 7.88mm 1.53mm

SFW-1778-1423-107 17.78mm 14.23mm 1.07mm

SFW-1801-841-201 18.01mm 8.41mm 2.01mm

SFW-1801-851-100 18.01mm 8.51mm 1.00mm

SFW-1801-1131-120 18.01mm 11.31mm 1.20mm

SFW-1801-1265-254 18.01mm 12.65mm 2.54mm

SFW-1827-635-158 18.27mm 6.35mm 1.58mm

SFW-1850-585-199 18.50mm 5.85mm 1.99mm

SFW-1875-714-158 18.75mm 7.14mm 1.58mm

SFW-1893-661-168 18.93mm 6.61mm 1.68mm

SFW-1900-831-094 19.00mm 8.31mm 0.94mm

SFW-1900-1118-127 19.00mm 11.18mm 1.27mm