Nylon Shoulder Washer
  • Nylon Shoulder Washer
  • Nylon Shoulder Washers
  • Nylon Shoulder Washer

Nylon Shoulder Washers


Our nylon shoulder washers are great for insulating metallic screws, they can be used to prevent vibration between products or as a spacer. Wide size range available.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

Click here for our range of Metric Nylon Shoulder Washers
227 products
Product Code Maj OD Min OD ID Head Height Length Enquire
WSH-460-229-953 4.60mm 3.05mm 2.29mm 1.20mm 9.53mm

WSH-460-229-318 4.60mm 3.05mm 2.29mm 1.17mm 3.18mm

WSH-529-237-277 5.29mm 2.67mm 2.37mm 0.79mm 2.77mm

WSH-554-293-079 5.54mm 3.43mm 2.93mm 1.20mm 0.79mm

WSH-554-257-079 5.54mm 3.43mm 2.57mm 1.02mm 0.79mm

WSH-559-305-115 5.59mm 3.69mm 3.05mm 1.20mm 1.15mm

WSH-585-310-120 5.85mm 3.61mm 3.10mm 0.41mm 1.20mm

WSH-597-293-635 5.97mm 3.69mm 2.93mm 1.20mm 6.35mm

WSH-597-293-120 5.97mm 3.69mm 2.93mm 1.20mm 1.20mm

WSH-597-293-318 5.97mm 3.69mm 2.93mm 1.17mm 3.18mm

WSH-597-293-237 5.97mm 3.69mm 2.93mm 1.17mm 2.37mm

WSH-597-293-475 5.97mm 3.69mm 2.93mm 1.17mm 4.75mm

WSH-620-310-201 6.20mm 3.99mm 3.10mm 1.00mm 2.01mm

WSH-620-310-150 6.20mm 3.99mm 3.10mm 1.00mm 1.50mm

WSH-635-280-102 6.35mm 3.56mm 2.80mm 1.20mm 1.02mm

WSH-635-293-120 6.35mm 3.94mm 2.93mm 3.18mm 1.20mm

WSH-635-331-318 6.35mm 4.96mm 3.31mm 0.79mm 3.18mm

WSH-635-305-305 6.35mm 3.81mm 3.05mm 1.27mm 3.05mm

WSH-635-295-117 6.35mm 4.70mm 2.95mm 0.79mm 1.17mm

WSH-635-249-166 6.35mm 3.56mm 2.49mm 0.77mm 1.66mm

WSH-661-356-117 6.61mm 4.83mm 3.56mm 1.58mm 1.17mm

WSH-676-381-397 6.76mm 5.21mm 3.81mm 0.79mm 3.97mm

WSH-719-313-635 7.19mm 5.06mm 3.13mm 1.15mm 6.35mm

WSH-737-356-158 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.20mm 1.58mm

WSH-737-356-475 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.17mm 4.75mm

WSH-737-318-318 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.18mm 1.17mm 3.18mm

WSH-737-356-635 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.20mm 6.35mm

WSH-737-356-318 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.20mm 3.18mm

WSH-793-356-343 7.93mm 4.50mm 3.56mm 1.20mm 3.43mm

WSH-793-468-475 7.93mm 5.95mm 4.68mm 0.79mm 4.75mm

WSH-793-313-079 7.93mm 4.75mm 3.13mm 1.61mm 0.79mm

WSH-801-328-839 8.01mm 4.83mm 3.28mm 1.27mm 8.39mm

WSH-821-409-300 8.21mm 6.00mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 3.00mm

WSH-821-409-900 8.21mm 6.00mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 9.00mm

WSH-821-409-702 8.21mm 6.00mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 7.02mm

WSH-821-409-399 8.21mm 6.00mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 3.99mm

WSH-834-371-120 8.34mm 5.54mm 3.71mm 1.20mm 1.20mm

WSH-874-440-953 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.40mm 1.58mm 9.53mm

WSH-874-432-1905 8.74mm 5.08mm 4.32mm 1.58mm 19.05mm

WSH-874-397-953 8.74mm 5.57mm 3.97mm 1.58mm 9.53mm

WSH-874-440-356 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.40mm 1.58mm 3.56mm

WSH-874-440-635 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.40mm 1.58mm 6.35mm

WSH-887-356-158 8.87mm 6.30mm 3.56mm 1.20mm 1.58mm

WSH-889-478-458 8.89mm 6.10mm 4.78mm 1.71mm 4.58mm

WSH-902-381-229 9.02mm 6.35mm 3.81mm 1.02mm 2.29mm

WSH-945-448-983 9.45mm 5.11mm 4.48mm 1.58mm 9.83mm

WSH-953-501-542 9.53mm 6.35mm 5.01mm 1.58mm 5.42mm

WSH-953-435-158 9.53mm 4.96mm 4.35mm 0.79mm 1.58mm

WSH-953-318-762 9.53mm 6.43mm 3.18mm 1.27mm 7.62mm

WSH-953-493-305 9.53mm 7.14mm 4.93mm 4.91mm 3.05mm

WSH-953-475-356 9.53mm 6.23mm 4.75mm 0.79mm 3.56mm

WSH-953-318-178 9.53mm 4.83mm 3.18mm 1.02mm 1.78mm

WSH-953-435-635 9.53mm 6.35mm 4.35mm 1.02mm 6.35mm

WSH-966-498-318 9.66mm 6.46mm 4.98mm 1.66mm 3.18mm

WSH-966-498-305 9.66mm 6.71mm 4.98mm 5.01mm 3.05mm

WSH-978-369-079 9.78mm 6.10mm 3.69mm 1.58mm 0.79mm

WSH-991-516-199 9.91mm 7.96mm 5.16mm 1.99mm 1.99mm

WSH-999-404-158 9.99mm 4.93mm 4.04mm 1.20mm 1.58mm

WSH-1014-508-953 10.14mm 6.61mm 5.08mm 1.61mm 9.53mm

WSH-1014-508-635 10.14mm 6.61mm 5.08mm 1.58mm 6.35mm

WSH-1014-508-1905 10.14mm 6.61mm 5.08mm 1.58mm 19.05mm

WSH-1014-508-1270 10.14mm 6.69mm 5.08mm 1.58mm 12.70mm

WSH-1016-508-953 10.16mm 6.61mm 5.08mm 1.58mm 9.53mm

WSH-1016-397-117 10.16mm 6.18mm 3.97mm 1.17mm 1.17mm

WSH-1022-511-501 10.22mm 7.02mm 5.11mm 2.01mm 5.01mm

WSH-1022-511-900 10.22mm 7.02mm 5.11mm 2.01mm 9mm

WSH-1022-511-300 10.22mm 7.02mm 5.11mm 2.01mm 3mm

WSH-1037-547-493 10.37mm 6.05mm 5.47mm 1.58mm 4.93mm

WSH-1037-501-475 10.37mm 6.10mm 5.01mm 1.58mm 4.75mm

WSH-1080-635-158 10.80mm 7.88mm 6.35mm 1.58mm 1.58mm

WSH-1080-534-750 10.80mm 7.93mm 5.34mm 1.71mm 7.50mm

WSH-1088-783-120 10.88mm 8.89mm 7.83mm 3.18mm 1.20mm

WSH-1100-506-318 11.00mm 7.93mm 5.06mm 1.58mm 3.18mm

WSH-1110-651-277 11.10mm 9.02mm 6.51mm 1.53mm 2.77mm

WSH-1110-493-079 11.10mm 6.10mm 4.93mm 1.58mm 0.79mm

WSH-1110-491-102 11.10mm 7.07mm 4.91mm 1.53mm 1.02mm

WSH-1113-516-239 11.13mm 6.79mm 5.16mm 1.58mm 2.39mm

WSH-1113-516-237 11.13mm 6.79mm 5.16mm 0.79mm 2.37mm

WSH-1118-498-359 11.18mm 7.70mm 4.98mm 1.02mm 3.59mm

WSH-1143-496-1169 11.43mm 6.35mm 4.96mm 3.18mm 11.69mm

WSH-1199-407-300 11.99mm 5.49mm 4.07mm 2.11mm 3.00mm

WSH-1220-610-399 12.20mm 8.01mm 6.10mm 2.01mm 3.99mm

WSH-1220-610-801 12.20mm 8.01mm 6.10mm 2.01mm 8.01mm

WSH-1220-610-600 12.20mm 8.01mm 6.10mm 2.01mm 6.00mm

WSH-1260-539-323 12.60mm 7.75mm 5.39mm 2.16mm 3.23mm

WSH-1270-399-1728 12.70mm 9.38mm 3.99mm 1.53mm 17.28mm

WSH-1270-498-475 12.70mm 7.04mm 4.98mm 3.18mm 4.75mm

WSH-1270-481-633 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.81mm 1.58mm 6.33mm

WSH-1270-635-1118 12.70mm 9.66mm 6.35mm 1.53mm 11.18mm

WSH-1270-381-158 12.70mm 8.39mm 3.81mm 1.58mm 1.58mm

WSH-1270-491-079 12.70mm 8.08mm 4.91mm 0.79mm 0.79mm

WSH-1270-435-1032 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.35mm 1.58mm 10.32mm

WSH-1270-493-635 12.70mm 7.93mm 4.93mm 6.35mm 6.35mm

WSH-1270-493-475 12.70mm 7.93mm 4.93mm 6.35mm 4.75mm

WSH-1270-437-318 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.37mm 4.75mm 3.18mm

WSH-1270-437-397 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.37mm 4.75mm 3.97mm

WSH-1270-448-127 12.70mm 6.18mm 4.48mm 1.58mm 1.27mm

WSH-1270-437-356 12.70mm 7.93mm 4.37mm 1.99mm 3.56mm

WSH-1270-635-635 12.70mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 1.58mm 6.35mm

WSH-1270-641-079 12.70mm 7.93mm 6.41mm 1.58mm 0.79mm

WSH-1270-557-120 12.70mm 7.14mm 5.57mm 3.18mm 1.2mm

WSH-1270-635-793 12.70mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 7.93mm

WSH-1281-674-381 12.81mm 7.92mm 6.73mm 4.07mm 3.81mm

WSH-1283-661-239 12.83mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 2.39mm

WSH-1296-648-359 12.96mm 7.88mm 6.48mm 1.58mm 3.59mm

WSH-1301-635-1745 13.01mm 9.86mm 6.35mm 1.61mm 17.45mm

WSH-1304-661-635 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 6.35mm

WSH-1304-661-359 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 3.59mm

WSH-1304-661-475 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 4.75mm

WSH-1304-661-318 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 3.18mm

WSH-1304-661-1270 13.04mm 7.93mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 12.70mm

WSH-1309-661-953 13.09mm 7.90mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 9.53mm

WSH-1387-699-2540 13.87mm 9.53mm 6.99mm 1.61mm 25.40mm

WSH-1397-648-1072 13.97mm 9.45mm 6.48mm 1.58mm 10.72mm

WSH-1420-811-1202 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.11mm 2.49mm 12.02mm

WSH-1420-811-801 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.11mm 2.49mm 8.01mm

WSH-1420-811-600 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.11mm 2.49mm 6.00mm

WSH-1420-811-1601 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.11mm 2.49mm 16.01mm

WSH-1431-966-559 14.31mm 11.18mm 9.66mm 0.77mm 5.59mm

WSH-1438-661-166 14.38mm 9.50mm 6.61mm 2.29mm 1.66mm

WSH-1448-653-254 14.48mm 10.72mm 6.53mm 3.43mm 2.54mm

WSH-1476-498-402 14.76mm 7.62mm 4.98mm 3.05mm 4.02mm

WSH-1502-420-201 15.02mm 7.90mm 4.20mm 1.50mm 2.01mm

WSH-1524-635-318 15.24mm 9.40mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 3.18mm

WSH-1524-635-1270 15.24mm 9.40mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 12.70mm

WSH-1575-813-1588 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 15.88mm

WSH-1575-813-635 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 6.35mm

WSH-1575-813-1270 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 12.70mm

WSH-1575-803-381 15.75mm 12.76mm 8.03mm 1.53mm 3.81mm

WSH-1575-813-953 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 9.53mm

WSH-1575-803-1270 15.75mm 9.40mm 8.03mm 1.58mm 12.70mm

WSH-1575-813-237 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.61mm 2.37mm

WSH-1575-813-318 15.75mm 9.15mm 8.13mm 1.58mm 3.18mm

WSH-1575-839-963 15.75mm 8.72mm 6.41mm 1.58mm 6.35mm

WSH-1588-966-641 15.88mm 12.81mm 9.66mm 1.53mm 6.41mm

WSH-1588-641-318 15.88mm 8.72mm 6.41mm 1.58mm 3.18mm

WSH-1588-648-475 15.88mm 8.18mm 6.48mm 1.58mm 4.75mm

WSH-1588-661-1905 15.88mm 10.16mm 6.61mm 3.18mm 19.05mm

WSH-1588-991-869 15.88mm 12.32mm 9.91mm 3.18mm 8.69mm

WSH-1588-641-635 15.88mm 8.72mm 6.41mm 1.58mm 6.35mm

WSH-1588-813-354 15.88mm 10.29mm 8.13mm 1.68mm 3.54mm

WSH-1588-643-229 15.88mm 7.90mm 6.43mm 1.58mm 2.29mm

WSH-1601-646-475 16.01mm 9.53mm 6.46mm 1.58mm 4.75mm

WSH-1601-435-117 16.01mm 6.3mm 4.35mm 0.79mm 1.17mm

WSH-1601-661-318 16.01mm 8.31mm 6.61mm 1.58mm 3.18mm

WSH-1626-953-191 16.26mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.63mm 1.91mm

WSH-1626-496-158 16.26mm 9.66mm 4.96mm 1.58mm 1.58mm

WSH-1667-971-1707 16.67mm 13.49mm 9.71mm 2.77mm 17.07mm

WSH-1745-1110-1270 17.45mm 14.28mm 11.10mm 1.58mm 12.70mm

WSH-1753-653-153 17.53mm 12.32mm 6.53mm 2.29mm 1.53mm

WSH-1761-834-318 17.61mm 11.10mm 8.34mm 1.58mm 3.18mm

WSH-1801-818-201 18.01mm 11.92mm 8.18mm 1.50mm 2.01mm

WSH-1804-1067-1067 18.04mm 11.94mm 10.67mm 1.91mm 10.67mm

WSH-1888-973-793 18.88mm 12.76mm 9.73mm 1.99mm 7.93mm

WSH-1890-953-508 18.90mm 15.75mm 9.53mm 7.12mm 5.08mm

WSH-1893-953-1905 18.93mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.58mm 19.05mm

WSH-1900-910-300 19.00mm 12.25mm 9.10mm 1.50mm 3.00mm

WSH-1900-625-201 19.00mm 13.01mm 6.25mm 1.50mm 2.01mm

WSH-1905-973-915 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.73mm 3.18mm 9.15mm

WSH-1905-712-635 19.05mm 12.70mm 7.12mm 3.18mm 6.35mm

WSH-1905-635-796 19.05mm 7.96mm 6.35mm 0.51mm 7.96mm

WSH-1905-635-158 19.05mm 12.70mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 1.58mm

WSH-1905-1194-442 19.05mm 15.88mm 11.94mm 1.68mm 4.42mm

WSH-1905-961-623 19.05mm 12.83mm 9.61mm 1.99mm 6.23mm

WSH-1905-953-496 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 3.18mm 4.96mm

WSH-1905-953-475 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.58mm 4.75mm

WSH-1905-953-615 19.05mm 12.60mm 9.53mm 1.78mm 6.15mm

WSH-1905-1278-442 19.05mm 15.88mm 12.78mm 1.68mm 4.42mm

WSH-1905-953-318 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.58mm 3.18mm

WSH-1905-635-1189 19.05mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 3.97mm 11.89mm

WSH-1905-714-239 19.05mm 12.70mm 7.14mm 2.37mm 2.39mm

WSH-1905-676-554 19.05mm 9.66mm 6.76mm 2.37mm 5.54mm

WSH-1905-651-257 19.05mm 8.67mm 6.51mm 3.81mm 2.57mm