Special Nylon Spacers
  • Special Nylon Spacers
  • Special Nylon Spacers
  • Special Nylon Spacers
  • Special Nylon Spacers

Special Nylon Spacers


Nyfast's special nylon spacers have non-standard measurements and are useful for applications that require particular dimensions. We have a large range of different sizes.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

494 products
Product Code OD ID Length Enquire
SPSPR-475-305-801 4.75mm 3.05mm 8.01mm

SPSPR-475-161-635 4.75mm 1.61mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-475-161-762 4.75mm 1.61mm 7.62mm

SPSPR-475-293-397 4.75mm 2.93mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-475-356-475 4.75mm 3.56mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-475-293-572 4.75mm 2.93mm 5.72mm

SPSPR-475-305-864 4.75mm 3.05mm 8.64mm

SPSPR-475-305-1093 4.75mm 3.05mm 10.93mm

SPSPR-475-293-407 4.75mm 2.93mm 4.07mm

SPSPR-478-232-839 4.78mm 2.32mm 8.39mm

SPSPR-501-321-702 5.01mm 3.21mm 7.02mm

SPSPR-508-369-435 5.08mm 3.69mm 4.35mm

SPSPR-508-277-435 5.08mm 2.77mm 4.35mm

SPSPR-549-318-343 5.49mm 3.18mm 3.43mm

SPSPR-554-356-397 5.54mm 3.56mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-600-430-389 6.00mm 4.30mm 3.89mm

SPSPR-635-488-369 6.35mm 4.88mm 3.69mm

SPSPR-635-435-1029 6.35mm 4.35mm 10.29mm

SPSPR-635-280-1347 6.35mm 2.80mm 13.47mm

SPSPR-635-293-394 6.35mm 2.93mm 3.94mm

SPSPR-635-374-559 6.35mm 3.74mm 5.59mm

SPSPR-635-356-407 6.35mm 3.56mm 4.07mm

SPSPR-635-435-397 6.35mm 4.35mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-635-155-1194 6.35mm 1.55mm 11.94mm

SPSPR-635-318-412 6.35mm 3.18mm 4.12mm

SPSPR-635-305-356 6.35mm 3.05mm 3.56mm

SPSPR-635-435-1651 6.35mm 4.35mm 16.51mm

SPSPR-635-293-1347 6.35mm 2.93mm 13.47mm

SPSPR-635-381-508 6.35mm 3.81mm 5.08mm

SPSPR-635-381-635 6.35mm 3.81mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-635-356-381 6.35mm 3.56mm 3.81mm

SPSPR-635-305-508 6.35mm 3.05mm 5.08mm

SPSPR-635-397-1110 6.35mm 3.97mm 11.10mm

SPSPR-635-432-3493 6.35mm 4.32mm 34.93mm

SPSPR-635-432-3175 6.35mm 4.32mm 31.75mm

SPSPR-635-432-3810 6.35mm 4.32mm 38.10mm

SPSPR-635-397-318 6.35mm 3.97mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-635-397-475 6.35mm 3.97mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-635-397-635 6.35mm 3.97mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-635-397-793 6.35mm 3.97mm 7.93mm

SPSPR-635-397-1270 6.35mm 3.97mm 12.70mm

SPSPR-635-397-1428 6.35mm 3.97mm 14.28mm

SPSPR-635-397-1588 6.35mm 3.97mm 15.88mm

SPSPR-635-397-1745 6.35mm 3.97mm 17.45mm

SPSPR-635-397-1905 6.35mm 3.97mm 19.05mm

SPSPR-635-397-2063 6.35mm 3.97mm 20.63mm

SPSPR-635-397-2223 6.35mm 3.97mm 22.23mm

SPSPR-635-397-2380 6.35mm 3.97mm 23.80mm

SPSPR-635-435-448 6.35mm 4.35mm 4.48mm

SPSPR-635-232-1029 6.35mm 2.32mm 10.29mm

SPSPR-635-249-1029 6.35mm 2.49mm 10.29mm

SPSPR-635-293-1029 6.35mm 2.93mm 10.29mm

SPSPR-635-356-1029 6.35mm 3.56mm 10.29mm

SPSPR-635-232-420 6.35mm 2.32mm 4.20mm

SPSPR-635-397-953 6.35mm 3.97mm 9.53mm

SPSPR-635-397-2540 6.35mm 3.97mm 25.40mm

SPSPR-635-394-407 6.35mm 3.94mm 4.07mm

SPSPR-635-356-534 6.35mm 3.56mm 5.34mm

SPSPR-635-232-559 6.35mm 2.32mm 5.59mm

SPSPR-635-293-559 6.35mm 2.93mm 5.59mm

SPSPR-635-435-559 6.35mm 4.35mm 5.59mm

SPSPR-635-232-381 6.35mm 2.32mm 3.81mm

SPSPR-635-293-381 6.35mm 2.93mm 3.81mm

SPSPR-635-435-381 6.35mm 4.35mm 3.81mm

SPSPR-635-232-397 6.35mm 2.32mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-635-293-397 6.35mm 2.93mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-635-356-397 6.35mm 3.56mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-712-318-752 7.12mm 3.18mm 7.52mm

SPSPR-750-343-323 7.50mm 3.43mm 3.23mm

SPSPR-762-331-508 7.62mm 3.31mm 5.08mm

SPSPR-762-331-585 7.62mm 3.31mm 5.85mm

SPSPR-780-534-318 7.80mm 5.34mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-788-321-1042 7.88mm 3.21mm 10.42mm

SPSPR-793-478-762 7.93mm 4.78mm 7.62mm

SPSPR-793-475-547 7.93mm 4.75mm 5.47mm

SPSPR-793-356-318 7.93mm 3.56mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-793-475-475 7.93mm 4.75mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-793-503-1905 7.93mm 5.03mm 19.05mm

SPSPR-793-503-2063 7.93mm 5.03mm 20.63mm

SPSPR-793-503-2223 7.93mm 5.03mm 22.23mm

SPSPR-793-503-2540 7.93mm 5.03mm 25.40mm

SPSPR-793-503-635 7.93mm 5.03mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-793-503-1428 7.93mm 5.03mm 14.28mm

SPSPR-793-503-1588 7.93mm 5.03mm 15.88mm

SPSPR-793-503-1745 7.93mm 5.03mm 17.45mm

SPSPR-793-503-318 7.93mm 5.03mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-793-503-475 7.93mm 5.03mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-793-503-793 7.93mm 5.03mm 7.93mm

SPSPR-793-503-953 7.93mm 5.03mm 9.53mm

SPSPR-793-503-1110 7.93mm 5.03mm 11.10mm

SPSPR-793-503-1270 7.93mm 5.03mm 12.70mm

SPSPR-793-503-2380 7.93mm 5.03mm 23.80mm

SPSPR-793-625-635 7.93mm 6.25mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-796-564-605 7.96mm 5.64mm 6.05mm

SPSPR-796-496-978 7.96mm 4.96mm 9.78mm

SPSPR-801-420-950 8.01mm 4.20mm 9.50mm

SPSPR-803-478-516 8.03mm 4.78mm 5.16mm

SPSPR-826-552-343 8.26mm 5.52mm 3.43mm

SPSPR-826-552-508 8.26mm 5.52mm 5.08mm

SPSPR-839-483-1042 8.39mm 4.83mm 10.42mm

SPSPR-900-519-348 9.00mm 5.19mm 3.48mm

SPSPR-900-600-569 9.00mm 6.00mm 5.69mm

SPSPR-940-635-463 9.40mm 6.35mm 4.63mm

SPSPR-940-493-623 9.40mm 4.93mm 6.23mm

SPSPR-953-318-1110 9.53mm 3.18mm 11.10mm

SPSPR-953-435-516 9.53mm 4.35mm 5.16mm

SPSPR-953-635-559 9.53mm 6.35mm 5.59mm

SPSPR-953-435-318 9.53mm 4.35mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-953-557-635 9.53mm 5.57mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-953-562-635 9.53mm 5.62mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-953-653-2380 9.53mm 6.53mm 23.8mm

SPSPR-953-486-552 9.53mm 4.86mm 5.52mm

SPSPR-953-435-1270 9.53mm 4.35mm 12.70mm

SPSPR-953-653-318 9.53mm 6.53mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-953-653-475 9.53mm 6.53mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-953-653-635 9.53mm 6.53mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-953-653-793 9.53mm 6.53mm 7.93mm

SPSPR-953-653-1110 9.53mm 6.53mm 11.10mm

SPSPR-953-653-1270 9.53mm 6.53mm 12.70mm

SPSPR-953-653-1428 9.53mm 6.53mm 14.28mm

SPSPR-953-653-1588 9.53mm 6.53mm 15.88mm

SPSPR-953-653-1745 9.53mm 6.53mm 17.45mm

SPSPR-953-653-1905 9.53mm 6.53mm 19.05mm

SPSPR-953-653-2063 9.53mm 6.53mm 20.63mm

SPSPR-953-648-1270 9.53mm 6.48mm 12.70mm

SPSPR-953-653-2540 9.53mm 6.53mm 25.40mm

SPSPR-953-435-1461 9.53mm 4.35mm 14.61mm

SPSPR-953-610-1745 9.53mm 6.10mm 17.45mm

SPSPR-953-610-1588 9.53mm 6.10mm 15.88mm

SPSPR-953-610-1905 9.53mm 6.10mm 19.05mm

SPSPR-953-610-2223 9.53mm 6.10mm 22.23mm

SPSPR-953-610-2063 9.53mm 6.10mm 20.63mm

SPSPR-953-610-2540 9.53mm 6.10mm 25.40mm

SPSPR-953-407-635 9.53mm 4.07mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-953-493-3810 9.53mm 4.93mm 38.10mm

SPSPR-953-610-475 9.53mm 6.10mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-953-610-2380 9.53mm 6.10mm 23.80mm

SPSPR-953-653-953 9.53mm 6.53mm 9.53mm

SPSPR-953-610-318 9.53mm 6.10mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-953-610-635 9.53mm 6.10mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-953-610-953 9.53mm 6.10mm 9.53mm

SPSPR-953-610-1110 9.53mm 6.10mm 11.10mm

SPSPR-953-610-1270 9.53mm 6.10mm 12.70mm

SPSPR-953-653-2223 9.53mm 6.53mm 22.23mm

SPSPR-953-610-793 9.53mm 6.10mm 7.93mm

SPSPR-953-610-1428 9.53mm 6.10mm 14.28mm

SPSPR-953-381-318 9.53mm 3.81mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-953-498-1461 9.53mm 4.98mm 14.61mm

SPSPR-958-651-1994 9.58mm 6.51mm 19.94mm

SPSPR-989-638-318 9.89mm 6.38mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-989-638-336 9.89mm 6.38mm 3.36mm

SPSPR-1016-458-356 10.16mm 4.58mm 3.56mm

SPSPR-1032-653-635 10.32mm 6.53mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-1032-653-2540 10.32mm 6.53mm 25.40mm

SPSPR-1103-483-318 11.03mm 4.83mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-1110-475-953 11.10mm 4.75mm 9.53mm

SPSPR-1110-793-475 11.10mm 7.93mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-1110-821-475 11.10mm 8.21mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-1110-508-808 11.10mm 5.08mm 8.08mm

SPSPR-1113-554-397 11.13mm 5.54mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-1118-478-686 11.18mm 4.78mm 6.86mm

SPSPR-1126-643-318 11.26mm 6.43mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-1220-826-635 12.20mm 8.26mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-1220-826-3175 12.20mm 8.26mm 31.75mm

SPSPR-1235-813-953 12.35mm 8.13mm 9.53mm

SPSPR-1245-661-1905 12.45mm 6.61mm 19.05mm

SPSPR-1270-762-475 12.70mm 7.62mm 4.75mm

SPSPR-1270-516-331 12.70mm 5.16mm 3.31mm

SPSPR-1270-712-635 12.70mm 7.12mm 6.35mm

SPSPR-1270-806-856 12.70mm 8.06mm 8.56mm

SPSPR-1270-793-397 12.70mm 7.93mm 3.97mm

SPSPR-1270-493-793 12.70mm 4.93mm 7.93mm

SPSPR-1270-557-1827 12.70mm 5.57mm 18.27mm

SPSPR-1270-653-912 12.70mm 6.53mm 9.12mm

SPSPR-1270-806-318 12.70mm 8.06mm 3.18mm

SPSPR-1270-521-1296 12.70mm 5.21mm 12.96mm

SPSPR-1270-493-318 12.70mm 4.93mm 3.18mm