Fir Tree Clips - RBF
  • Fir Tree Clips - RBF

Fir Tree Clips - RBF


Our range of FTC-RBF fir tree clips are available with hole diameters of 4.0mm-7.1mm and lengths from 8.6mm-19.0mm. Ideal to join two panels together.

Nylon 66

  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +85°C
  • Black available only.
    RoHS compliant 

Supplied in packs of 1000

All measurements are in mm

36 products
Product Code Hole Dia Head Dia Head Height Length Panel Thickness Price per pack Quantity
FTC-RBF-4-8.6-8 4.0mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £37.75


FTC-RBF-4-11.1-8 4.0mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £38.45


FTC-RBF-4-15-8 4.0mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 15.0mm 5.7-10.7mm £39.15


FTC-RBF-4-11.1-12 4.0mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £39.85


FTC-RBF-4-8.6-12 4.0mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 8.6mm 2.1-7.2mm £40.55


FTC-RBF-4-15-12 4.0mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 15.0mm 5.7-10.7mm £41.25


FTC-RBF-4-8.6-16 4.0mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £41.95


FTC-RBF-4-11.1-16 4.0mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £42.65


FTC-RBF-4-15-16 4.0mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 15.0mm 2.1-7.2mm £43.35


FTC-RBF-4.8-11.1-8 4.76mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £44.05


FTC-RBF-4.8-8.6-8 4.76mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £44.75


FTC-RBF-4.8-15-8 4.76mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 15.0mm 5.7-10.7mm £45.45


FTC-RBF-4.8-8.6-12 4.76mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £46.15


FTC-RBF-4.8-11.1-12 4.76mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £46.85


FTC-RBF-4.8-15-12 4.76mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 15.0mm 5.7-10.7mm £47.55


FTC-RBF-4.8-8.6-16 4.76mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £48.25


FTC-RBF-4.8-11.1-16 4.76mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £48.95


FTC-RBF-4.8-15-16 4.76mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 15.0mm 5.7-10.7mm £49.65


FTC-RBF-6.4-8.6-8 6.35mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £50.35


FTC-RBF-6.4-11.1-8 6.35mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £51.05


FTC-RBF-6.4-15-8 6.35mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 15.0mm 5.7-10.7mm £51.75


FTC-RBF-6.4-8.6-12 6.35mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £52.45


FTC-RBF-6.4-11.1-12 6.35mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £53.15


FTC-RBF-6.4-15-12 6.35mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 15.0mm 5.7-10.7mm £53.85


FTC-RBF-6.4-8.6-16 6.35mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 8.6mm 2.1-4.3mm £54.55


FTC-RBF-6.4-11.1-16 6.35mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £55.25


FTC-RBF-6.4-15-16 6.35mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 15.0mm 2.1-7.2mm £55.95


FTC-RBF-7.1-11.1-8 7.14mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £56.65


FTC-RBF-7.1-15-8 7.15mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 15.0mm 3.8-10.7mm £57.35


FTC-RBF-7.1-19-8 7.14mm 8.0mm 1.0mm 19.0mm 6.9-14.2mm £58.05


FTC-RBF-7.1-11.1-12 7.14mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £58.75


FTC-RBF-7.1-15-12 7.14mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 15.0mm 3.8-10.7mm £59.45


FTC-RBF-7.1-19-12 7.14mm 12.0mm 1.5mm 19.0mm 6.9-14.2mm £60.15


FTC-RBF-7.1-11.1-16 7.14mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 11.1mm 2.1-7.2mm £60.85


FTC-RBF-7.1-15-16 7.14mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 15.0mm 3.8-10.7mm £61.55


FTC-RBF-7.1-19-16 7.14mm 16.0mm 2.0mm 19.0mm 6.9-14.2mm £62.25