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  • Nylon Shoulder Washers

Special Nylon Shoulder Washers


Our special nylon shoulder washers or nylon insulators are great for insulating metallic screws, these nylon bushes can be used to prevent vibration between products or act as a spacer. Wide size range available.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant  rohs.jpg
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
  • Natural as standard
  • BV - Bevelled (please see image on the left)
  • CH - Chamfered (please see image on the left)
  • SP - Special Size
  • Also available in black - please contact us.

Supplied in packs of 1000

Click here for our range of Metric Nylon Shoulder Washers
337 products
Product Code Maj OD Min OD ID Head Height Length Enquire
WSH-460-229-318 4.60mm 3.05mm 2.29mm 1.17mm 3.18mm

WSH-460-229-953 4.60mm 3.05mm 2.29mm 1.19mm 9.53mm

WSH-460-230-080-0 4.60mm 3.00mm 2.30mm 1.20mm 0.80mm

WSH-528-236-277 5.28mm 3.18mm 2.36mm 0.79mm 2.77mm

WSH-554-257-079 5.54mm 3.43mm 2.57mm 1.02mm 0.79mm

WSH-554-292-079 5.54mm 3.43mm 2.92mm 1.19mm 0.79mm

WSH-554-292-079-SP 5.54mm 3.43mm 2.92mm 1.02mm 0.79mm

WSH-584-310-119 5.84mm 3.61mm 3.10mm 0.41mm 1.19mm

WSH-597-292-119 5.97mm 3.68mm 2.92mm 1.19mm 1.19mm

WSH-597-292-236 5.97mm 3.68mm 2.92mm 1.17mm 2.36mm

WSH-597-292-318 5.97mm 3.68mm 2.92mm 1.17mm 3.18mm

WSH-597-292-475 5.97mm 3.68mm 2.92mm 1.17mm 4.75mm

WSH-597-292-635 5.97mm 3.68mm 2.92mm 1.19mm 6.35mm

WSH-620-310-150 6.20mm 3.99mm 3.10mm 0.99mm 1.50mm

WSH-620-310-201 6.20mm 3.99mm 3.10mm 0.99mm 2.01mm

WSH-635-236-102-BV 6.35mm 3.96mm 2.36mm 1.02mm 1.02mm

WSH-635-249-165 6.35mm 3.56mm 2.49mm 0.76mm 1.65mm

WSH-635-279-102 6.35mm 3.56mm 2.79mm 1.02mm 1.02mm

WSH-635-292-119 6.35mm 3.94mm 2.92mm 3.18mm 1.19mm

WSH-635-295-117 6.35mm 4.70mm 2.95mm 0.79mm 1.17mm

WSH-635-305-305 6.35mm 3.81mm 3.05mm 1.40mm 3.05mm

WSH-635-330-318 6.35mm 4.95mm 3.30mm 0.79mm 3.18mm

WSH-640-292-117-0 6.40mm 3.56mm 2.92mm 1.20mm 1.17mm

WSH-640-292-236-0 6.40mm 3.56mm 2.92mm 1.20mm 2.36mm

WSH-640-292-396-0 6.40mm 3.56mm 2.92mm 1.20mm 3.96mm

WSH-660-356-117 6.60mm 4.83mm 3.56mm 1.57mm 1.17mm

WSH-676-381-396 6.76mm 5.21mm 3.81mm 0.79mm 3.96mm

WSH-681-310-399 6.81mm 4.39mm 3.10mm 1.19mm 3.99mm

WSH-714-310-102-BV 7.14mm 4.75mm 3.10mm 1.02mm 1.02mm

WSH-719-312-635 7.19mm 5.05mm 3.12mm 1.14mm 6.35mm

WSH-737-356-318 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.19mm 3.18mm

WSH-737-356-475 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.17mm 4.75mm

WSH-737-356-635 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.19mm 6.35mm

WSH-737-356-953 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 1.17mm 9.53mm

WSH-737-356-953-SP 7.37mm 4.32mm 3.56mm 5.94mm 9.53mm

WSH-740-360-320-0 7.40mm 4.30mm 3.60mm 1.20mm 3.20mm

WSH-792-312-079 7.92mm 4.75mm 3.12mm 1.60mm 0.79mm

WSH-792-318-792 7.92mm 4.70mm 3.18mm 1.47mm 7.92mm

WSH-792-356-343 7.92mm 4.50mm 3.56mm 1.19mm 3.43mm

WSH-792-366-318 7.92mm 5.94mm 3.66mm 1.17mm 3.18mm

WSH-792-467-475 7.92mm 5.94mm 4.67mm 0.79mm 4.75mm

WSH-800-328-838 8.00mm 4.83mm 3.28mm 1.27mm 8.38mm

WSH-820-409-300 8.20mm 5.99mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 3.00mm

WSH-820-409-399 8.20mm 5.99mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 3.99mm

WSH-820-409-701 8.20mm 5.99mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 7.01mm

WSH-820-409-899 8.20mm 5.99mm 4.09mm 1.50mm 8.99mm

WSH-823-356-079 8.23mm 5.18mm 3.56mm 1.57mm 0.79mm

WSH-833-371-102-BV 8.33mm 5.54mm 3.71mm 1.02mm 1.02mm

WSH-833-371-119 8.33mm 5.54mm 3.71mm 1.19mm 1.19mm

WSH-870-440-240-0 8.70mm 5.20mm 4.40mm 1.60mm 2.40mm

WSH-874-396-953 8.74mm 5.56mm 3.96mm 1.57mm 9.53mm

WSH-874-432-1905 8.74mm 5.08mm 4.32mm 1.57mm 19.05mm

WSH-874-439-356 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.39mm 1.57mm 3.56mm

WSH-874-439-635 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.39mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-874-439-953 8.74mm 5.21mm 4.39mm 1.57mm 9.53mm

WSH-886-356-157 8.86mm 6.30mm 3.56mm 1.19mm 1.57mm

WSH-889-478-457 8.89mm 6.10mm 4.78mm 1.70mm 4.57mm

WSH-902-381-229 9.02mm 6.35mm 3.81mm 1.02mm 2.29mm

WSH-927-432-635 9.27mm 5.16mm 4.32mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-945-447-983 9.45mm 5.11mm 4.47mm 1.57mm 9.83mm

WSH-953-295-396 9.53mm 4.90mm 2.95mm 1.98mm 3.96mm

WSH-953-318-178 9.53mm 4.83mm 3.18mm 1.02mm 1.78mm

WSH-953-318-318 9.53mm 4.75mm 3.18mm 1.02mm 3.18mm

WSH-953-318-762 9.53mm 6.43mm 3.18mm 1.27mm 7.62mm

WSH-953-432-066 9.53mm 6.12mm 4.32mm 1.57mm 0.66mm

WSH-953-434-157 9.53mm 4.95mm 4.34mm 0.79mm 1.57mm

WSH-953-434-635 9.53mm 6.35mm 4.34mm 1.02mm 6.35mm

WSH-953-442-127-BV 9.53mm 6.35mm 4.42mm 1.27mm 1.27mm

WSH-953-475-353-CH 9.53mm 6.22mm 4.75mm 0.79mm 3.53mm

WSH-953-475-356 9.53mm 6.22mm 4.75mm 0.79mm 3.56mm

WSH-953-488-117 9.53mm 6.22mm 4.88mm 1.17mm 1.17mm

WSH-953-493-305 9.53mm 7.14mm 4.93mm 4.90mm 3.05mm

WSH-953-500-541 9.53mm 6.35mm 5.00mm 1.57mm 5.41mm

WSH-965-498-305 9.65mm 6.71mm 4.98mm 5.00mm 3.05mm

WSH-965-498-318 9.65mm 6.45mm 4.98mm 1.65mm 3.18mm

WSH-978-368-079 9.78mm 6.10mm 3.68mm 1.57mm 0.79mm

WSH-991-516-198 9.91mm 7.95mm 5.16mm 1.98mm 1.98mm

WSH-998-404-157 9.98mm 4.93mm 4.04mm 1.19mm 1.57mm

WSH-1000-420-170-0 10.00mm 4.90mm 4.20mm 1.30mm 1.70mm

WSH-1003-508-1008 10.03mm 6.60mm 5.08mm 3.18mm 10.08mm

WSH-1010-510-240-0 10.10mm 6.60mm 5.10mm 1.60mm 2.40mm

WSH-1010-510-470-0 10.10mm 6.60mm 5.10mm 1.60mm 4.70mm

WSH-1013-508-635 10.13mm 6.60mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1013-508-635-SP 10.13mm 7.01mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1013-508-953 10.13mm 6.60mm 5.08mm 1.60mm 9.53mm

WSH-1013-508-1270 10.13mm 6.68mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 12.70mm

WSH-1013-508-1905 10.13mm 6.60mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 19.05mm

WSH-1016-396-117 10.16mm 6.17mm 3.96mm 1.17mm 1.17mm

WSH-1016-508-953 10.16mm 6.60mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 9.53mm

WSH-1021-511-300 10.21mm 7.01mm 5.11mm 2.01mm 3.00mm

WSH-1021-511-500 10.21mm 7.01mm 5.11mm 2.01mm 5.00mm

WSH-1021-511-899 10.21mm 7.01mm 5.11mm 2.01mm 8.99mm

WSH-1036-500-475 10.36mm 6.10mm 5.00mm 1.57mm 4.75mm

WSH-1036-546-493 10.36mm 6.05mm 5.46mm 1.57mm 4.93mm

WSH-1080-419-076 10.80mm 7.75mm 4.19mm 1.57mm 0.76mm

WSH-1080-533-749 10.80mm 7.92mm 5.33mm 1.70mm 7.49mm

WSH-1080-635-157 10.80mm 7.87mm 6.35mm 1.57mm 1.57mm

WSH-1084-400-625-0 10.84mm 4.70mm 4.00mm 1.50mm 6.25mm

WSH-1087-782-119 10.87mm 8.89mm 7.82mm 3.18mm 1.19mm

WSH-1100-505-318 11.00mm 7.92mm 5.05mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1100-513-800 11.00mm 7.87mm 5.13mm 2.01mm 8.00mm

WSH-1110-490-102 11.10mm 7.06mm 4.90mm 1.52mm 1.02mm

WSH-1110-493-079 11.10mm 6.10mm 4.93mm 1.57mm 0.79mm

WSH-1110-511-127-BV 11.10mm 7.14mm 5.11mm 1.27mm 1.27mm

WSH-1110-650-277 11.10mm 9.02mm 6.50mm 1.52mm 2.77mm

WSH-1113-318-076 11.13mm 8.89mm 3.18mm 1.52mm 0.76mm

WSH-1113-516-236 11.13mm 6.78mm 5.16mm 0.79mm 2.36mm

WSH-1113-516-239 11.13mm 6.78mm 5.16mm 1.57mm 2.39mm

WSH-1118-498-358 11.18mm 7.70mm 4.98mm 1.02mm 3.58mm

WSH-1143-495-1168 11.43mm 6.35mm 4.95mm 3.18mm 11.68mm

WSH-1199-406-300 11.99mm 5.49mm 4.06mm 2.11mm 3.00mm

WSH-1219-345-483-CH 12.19mm 8.46mm 3.45mm 1.27mm 4.83mm

WSH-1219-610-399 12.19mm 8.00mm 6.10mm 2.01mm 3.99mm

WSH-1219-610-599 12.19mm 8.00mm 6.10mm 2.01mm 5.99mm

WSH-1219-610-800 12.19mm 8.00mm 6.10mm 2.01mm 8.00mm

WSH-1245-508-236 12.45mm 7.14mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 2.36mm

WSH-1257-508-475 12.57mm 7.92mm 5.08mm 1.65mm 4.75mm

WSH-1260-538-323 12.60mm 7.75mm 5.38mm 2.16mm 3.23mm

WSH-1270-381-157 12.70mm 8.38mm 3.81mm 1.57mm 1.57mm

WSH-1270-399-1727 12.70mm 9.37mm 3.99mm 1.52mm 17.27mm

WSH-1270-434-1031 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.34mm 1.57mm 10.31mm

WSH-1270-437-318 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.37mm 4.75mm 3.18mm

WSH-1270-437-356 12.70mm 7.92mm 4.37mm 1.98mm 3.56mm

WSH-1270-437-396 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.37mm 4.75mm 3.96mm

WSH-1270-447-127 12.70mm 6.17mm 4.47mm 1.57mm 1.27mm

WSH-1270-480-632 12.70mm 6.35mm 4.80mm 1.57mm 6.32mm

WSH-1270-490-079 12.70mm 8.08mm 4.90mm 0.79mm 0.79mm

WSH-1270-493-475 12.70mm 7.92mm 4.93mm 6.35mm 4.75mm

WSH-1270-493-475-SP 12.70mm 7.92mm 4.93mm 9.53mm 4.75mm

WSH-1270-493-635 12.70mm 7.92mm 4.93mm 6.35mm 6.35mm

WSH-1270-498-157 12.70mm 7.82mm 4.98mm 1.57mm 1.57mm

WSH-1270-498-401 12.70mm 7.62mm 4.98mm 3.18mm 4.01mm

WSH-1270-498-475 12.70mm 7.04mm 4.98mm 3.18mm 4.75mm

WSH-1270-508-792 12.70mm 8.08mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 7.92mm

WSH-1270-508-792-SP 12.70mm 7.92mm 5.08mm 1.57mm 7.92mm

WSH-1270-556-119 12.70mm 7.14mm 5.56mm 3.18mm 1.19mm

WSH-1270-635-635 12.70mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1270-635-792 12.70mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 7.92mm

WSH-1270-635-1118 12.70mm 9.65mm 6.35mm 1.52mm 11.18mm

WSH-1270-635-1295 12.70mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 1.52mm 12.95mm

WSH-1270-638-1430 12.70mm 9.53mm 6.38mm 1.57mm 14.30mm

WSH-1270-640-079 12.70mm 7.92mm 6.40mm 1.57mm 0.79mm

WSH-1270-648-478-CH 12.70mm 9.53mm 6.48mm 0.79mm 4.78mm

WSH-1270-787-572 12.70mm 9.40mm 7.87mm 0.89mm 5.72mm

WSH-1280-673-381 12.80mm 7.92mm 6.73mm 4.06mm 3.81mm

WSH-1283-660-239 12.83mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 2.39mm

WSH-1295-648-358 12.95mm 7.87mm 6.48mm 1.57mm 3.58mm

WSH-1303-660-318 13.03mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1303-660-358 13.03mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 3.58mm

WSH-1303-660-475 13.03mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 4.75mm

WSH-1303-660-635 13.03mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1303-660-1270 13.03mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 12.70mm

WSH-1303-660-1588 13.03mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 15.88mm

WSH-1303-660-1905 13.03mm 7.92mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 19.05mm

WSH-1308-660-953 13.08mm 7.90mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 9.53mm

WSH-1334-673-1270 13.34mm 9.40mm 6.73mm 1.60mm 12.70mm

WSH-1387-699-2540 13.87mm 9.53mm 6.99mm 1.60mm 25.40mm

WSH-1397-648-1072 13.97mm 9.45mm 6.48mm 1.57mm 10.72mm

WSH-1400-630-635 14.00mm 9.65mm 6.30mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1420-810-599 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.10mm 2.49mm 5.99mm

WSH-1420-810-800 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.10mm 2.49mm 8.00mm

WSH-1420-810-1201 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.10mm 2.49mm 12.01mm

WSH-1420-810-1600 14.20mm 10.01mm 8.10mm 2.49mm 16.00mm

WSH-1427-478-635 14.27mm 7.92mm 4.78mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1427-660-152-BV 14.27mm 9.53mm 6.60mm 1.52mm 1.52mm

WSH-1427-660-264 14.27mm 7.62mm 6.60mm 1.17mm 2.64mm

WSH-1430-648-1092 14.30mm 9.45mm 6.48mm 1.52mm 10.92mm

WSH-1430-965-559 14.30mm 11.18mm 9.65mm 0.76mm 5.59mm

WSH-1435-630-635 14.35mm 9.53mm 6.30mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1438-660-165 14.38mm 9.50mm 6.60mm 2.29mm 1.65mm

WSH-1448-653-254 14.48mm 10.72mm 6.53mm 3.43mm 2.54mm

WSH-1461-792-483 14.61mm 9.27mm 7.92mm 0.76mm 4.83mm

WSH-1476-498-401 14.76mm 7.62mm 4.98mm 3.05mm 4.01mm

WSH-1500-520-200-0 15.00mm 7.90mm 5.20mm 1.50mm 2.00mm

WSH-1501-419-201 15.01mm 7.90mm 4.19mm 1.50mm 2.01mm

WSH-1501-701-1600 15.01mm 10.01mm 7.01mm 2.01mm 16.00mm

WSH-1524-635-254 15.24mm 11.35mm 6.35mm 8.26mm 2.54mm

WSH-1524-635-318 15.24mm 9.40mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 3.18mm

WSH-1524-635-1270 15.24mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 12.70mm

WSH-1570-810-240-0 15.70mm 9.10mm 8.10mm 1.60mm 2.40mm

WSH-1570-810-640-0 15.70mm 9.10mm 8.10mm 1.60mm 6.40mm

WSH-1575-803-381 15.75mm 12.75mm 8.03mm 1.52mm 3.81mm

WSH-1575-803-1270 15.75mm 9.40mm 8.03mm 1.57mm 12.70mm

WSH-1575-813-236 15.75mm 9.14mm 8.13mm 1.60mm 2.36mm

WSH-1575-813-318 15.75mm 9.14mm 8.13mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1575-813-635 15.75mm 9.14mm 8.13mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1575-813-953 15.75mm 9.14mm 8.13mm 1.57mm 9.53mm

WSH-1575-813-1270 15.75mm 9.14mm 8.13mm 1.57mm 12.70mm

WSH-1575-813-1588 15.75mm 9.14mm 8.13mm 1.57mm 15.88mm

WSH-1575-838-963 15.75mm 9.65mm 8.38mm 1.65mm 9.63mm

WSH-1588-356-064 15.88mm 5.56mm 3.56mm 1.52mm 0.64mm

WSH-1588-640-318 15.88mm 8.71mm 6.40mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1588-640-635 15.88mm 8.71mm 6.40mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1588-643-229 15.88mm 7.90mm 6.43mm 1.57mm 2.29mm

WSH-1588-648-475 15.88mm 8.18mm 6.48mm 1.57mm 4.75mm

WSH-1588-660-1905 15.88mm 10.16mm 6.60mm 3.18mm 19.05mm

WSH-1588-813-353 15.88mm 10.29mm 8.13mm 1.68mm 3.53mm

WSH-1588-965-640 15.88mm 12.80mm 9.65mm 1.52mm 6.40mm

WSH-1588-965-792 15.88mm 12.70mm 9.65mm 1.57mm 7.92mm

WSH-1588-991-869 15.88mm 12.32mm 9.91mm 3.18mm 8.69mm

WSH-1600-434-117 16.00mm 6.30mm 4.34mm 0.79mm 1.17mm

WSH-1600-645-475 16.00mm 9.53mm 6.45mm 1.57mm 4.75mm

WSH-1600-660-318 16.00mm 8.31mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1626-495-157 16.26mm 9.65mm 4.95mm 1.57mm 1.57mm

WSH-1626-953-191 16.26mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.60mm 1.91mm

WSH-1666-970-1707 16.66mm 13.49mm 9.70mm 2.77mm 17.07mm

WSH-1702-970-064 17.02mm 11.28mm 9.70mm 1.02mm 0.64mm

WSH-1745-511-152 17.45mm 6.50mm 5.11mm 1.52mm 1.52mm

WSH-1745-1110-1270 17.45mm 14.27mm 11.10mm 1.57mm 12.70mm

WSH-1753-653-152 17.53mm 12.32mm 6.53mm 2.29mm 1.52mm

WSH-1760-833-318 17.60mm 11.10mm 8.33mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1800-820-200-0 18.00mm 11.80mm 8.20mm 1.50mm 2.00mm

WSH-1801-620-201 18.01mm 11.91mm 6.20mm 1.50mm 2.01mm

WSH-1801-818-201 18.01mm 11.91mm 8.18mm 1.50mm 2.01mm

WSH-1803-1067-1067 18.03mm 11.94mm 10.67mm 1.91mm 10.67mm

WSH-1854-800-381 18.54mm 12.70mm 8.00mm 3.18mm 3.81mm

WSH-1880-676-871 18.80mm 9.53mm 6.76mm 2.36mm 8.71mm

WSH-1880-813-157 18.80mm 9.35mm 8.13mm 0.79mm 1.57mm

WSH-1887-955-475 18.87mm 11.10mm 9.55mm 1.57mm 4.75mm

WSH-1887-973-673 18.87mm 12.75mm 9.73mm 2.03mm 6.73mm

WSH-1887-973-792 18.87mm 12.75mm 9.73mm 1.98mm 7.92mm

WSH-1890-953-508 18.90mm 15.75mm 9.53mm 7.11mm 5.08mm

WSH-1892-953-1905 18.92mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.57mm 19.05mm

WSH-1892-1308-127 18.92mm 14.12mm 13.08mm 1.57mm 1.27mm

WSH-1900-625-201 19.00mm 13.00mm 6.25mm 1.50mm 2.01mm

WSH-1900-909-300 19.00mm 12.24mm 9.09mm 1.50mm 3.00mm

WSH-1900-1020-200-0 19.00mm 12.90mm 10.20mm 1.50mm 2.00mm

WSH-1905-290-104 19.05mm 6.60mm 2.90mm 2.29mm 1.04mm

WSH-1905-432-635 19.05mm 8.13mm 4.32mm 1.65mm 6.35mm

WSH-1905-483-2022 19.05mm 8.13mm 4.83mm 2.36mm 20.22mm

WSH-1905-635-157 19.05mm 12.70mm 6.35mm 3.18mm 1.57mm

WSH-1905-635-772 19.05mm 9.14mm 6.35mm 2.59mm 7.72mm

WSH-1905-635-795 19.05mm 7.95mm 6.35mm 0.51mm 7.95mm

WSH-1905-635-1189 19.05mm 9.53mm 6.35mm 3.96mm 11.89mm

WSH-1905-650-257 19.05mm 8.66mm 6.50mm 3.81mm 2.57mm

WSH-1905-660-079 19.05mm 9.53mm 6.60mm 1.57mm 0.79mm

WSH-1905-673-236 19.05mm 9.53mm 6.73mm 3.18mm 2.36mm

WSH-1905-673-318 19.05mm 11.10mm 6.73mm 1.91mm 3.18mm

WSH-1905-676-478 19.05mm 8.89mm 6.76mm 1.57mm 4.78mm

WSH-1905-676-554 19.05mm 9.65mm 6.76mm 2.36mm 5.54mm

WSH-1905-711-635 19.05mm 12.70mm 7.11mm 3.18mm 6.35mm

WSH-1905-714-239 19.05mm 12.70mm 7.14mm 2.36mm 2.39mm

WSH-1905-787-635 19.05mm 12.70mm 7.87mm 4.83mm 6.35mm

WSH-1905-792-318 19.05mm 9.53mm 7.92mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1905-792-635 19.05mm 11.10mm 7.92mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1905-803-1544 19.05mm 11.25mm 8.03mm 1.60mm 15.44mm

WSH-1905-808-1430 19.05mm 11.25mm 8.08mm 1.60mm 14.30mm

WSH-1905-813-795 19.05mm 12.70mm 8.13mm 1.57mm 7.95mm

WSH-1905-838-1905 19.05mm 11.18mm 8.38mm 2.29mm 19.05mm

WSH-1905-953-157 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 3.18mm 1.57mm

WSH-1905-953-318 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.57mm 3.18mm

WSH-1905-953-475 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 1.57mm 4.75mm

WSH-1905-953-495 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.53mm 3.18mm 4.95mm

WSH-1905-953-615 19.05mm 12.60mm 9.53mm 1.78mm 6.15mm

WSH-1905-953-1080 19.05mm 14.99mm 9.53mm 1.60mm 10.80mm

WSH-1905-960-622 19.05mm 12.83mm 9.60mm 1.98mm 6.22mm

WSH-1905-973-343 19.05mm 12.75mm 9.73mm 2.03mm 3.43mm

WSH-1905-973-914 19.05mm 12.83mm 9.73mm 3.18mm 9.14mm

WSH-1905-978-152-BV 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.78mm 1.52mm 1.52mm

WSH-1905-978-1270 19.05mm 15.88mm 9.78mm 2.39mm 12.70mm

WSH-1905-993-556-CH 19.05mm 12.70mm 9.93mm 1.57mm 5.56mm

WSH-1905-1031-478 19.05mm 12.70mm 10.31mm 1.57mm 4.78mm

WSH-1905-1194-442 19.05mm 15.88mm 11.94mm 1.68mm 4.42mm

WSH-1905-1278-442 19.05mm 15.88mm 12.78mm 1.68mm 4.42mm

WSH-1905-1283-792 19.05mm 15.75mm 12.83mm 1.57mm 7.92mm

WSH-1905-1321-635 19.05mm 15.67mm 13.21mm 1.57mm 6.35mm

WSH-1918-978-635 19.18mm 12.83mm 9.78mm 1.98mm 6.35mm

WSH-1930-813-157 19.30mm 9.35mm 8.13mm 0.79mm 1.57mm

WSH-1999-505-899 19.99mm 7.01mm 5.05mm 2.01mm 8.99mm

WSH-1999-820-206 19.99mm 10.16mm 8.20mm 0.74mm 2.06mm

WSH-1999-831-399-CH 19.99mm 11.99mm 8.31mm 6.81mm 3.99mm

WSH-2000-810-800-0 20.00mm 11.00mm 8.10mm 2.00mm 8.00mm

WSH-2000-810-1300-0 20.00mm 11.00mm 8.10mm 2.00mm 13.00mm

WSH-2000-1270-900 20.00mm 14.30mm 12.70mm 1.50mm 9.00mm

WSH-2096-787-483 20.96mm 11.05mm 7.87mm 1.52mm 4.83mm

WSH-2159-742-635-CH 21.59mm 12.70mm 7.42mm 4.78mm 6.35mm

WSH-2223-483-358 22.23mm 8.71mm 4.83mm 3.56mm 3.58mm

WSH-2223-650-396 22.23mm 9.53mm 6.50mm 0.79mm 3.96mm

WSH-2223-650-554 22.23mm 9.53mm 6.50mm 0.79mm 5.54mm