DIN 125 Metric Nylon Washers
  • DIN 125 Metric Nylon Washers
  • DIN 125 Metric Nylon Washers
  • DIN 125 Metric Nylon Washers

DIN 125 Metric Nylon Washers

DIN 125

Our range of DIN 34815 (formerly DIN 125) Nylon Form A Washers are compatible with our range of metric machine screws. These nylon form A washers are used by Automotive and Aerospace Industries, amongst many other Industries.

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000          

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36 products
Product Code Color Desc OD ID Thick Price per pack Quantity
MSFW-DIN125-M2 Natural M2 5.00mm 2.20mm 0.30mm £5.50


MSFW-DIN125-M2-B Black M2 5.00mm 2.20mm 0.30mm £10.81


MSFW-DIN125-M2.3 Natural M2.3 6.00mm 2.50mm 0.50mm £13.50


MSFW-DIN125-M2.3-B Black M2.3 6.00mm 2.50mm 0.50mm £16.20


MSFW-DIN125-M2.5 Natural M2.5 6.00mm 2.70mm 0.50mm £9.87


MSFW-DIN125-M2.5-B Black M2.5 6.00mm 2.70mm 0.50mm £17.74


MSFW-DIN125-M3 Natural M3 7.00mm 3.20mm 0.50mm £4.42


MSFW-DIN125-M3-B Black M3 7.00mm 3.20mm 0.50mm £9.98


MSFW-DIN125-M4 Natural M4 9.00mm 4.30mm 0.80mm £5.48


MSFW-DIN125-M4-B Black M4 9.00mm 4.30mm 0.80mm £10.02


MSFW-DIN125-M5 Natural M5 10.00mm 5.30mm 1.00mm £8.12


MSFW-DIN125-M5-B Black M5 10.00mm 5.30mm 1.00mm £14.31


MSFW-DIN125-M6 Natural M6 12.00mm 6.40mm 1.60mm £8.90


MSFW-DIN125-M6-B Black M6 12.00mm 6.40mm 1.60mm £12.20


MSFW-DIN125-M8 Natural M8 16.00mm 8.40mm 1.60mm £10.10


MSFW-DIN125-M8-B Black M8 16.00mm 8.40mm 1.60mm £14.93


MSFW-DIN125-M10 Natural M10 20.00mm 10.50mm 2.00mm £22.42


MSFW-DIN125-M10-B Black M10 20.00mm 10.50mm 2.00mm £25.02


MSFW-DIN125-M12 Natural M12 24.00mm 13.00mm 2.50mm £25.25


MSFW-DIN125-M12-B Black M12 24.00mm 13.00mm 2.50mm £35.03


MSFW-DIN125-M16 Natural M16 30.00mm 17.00mm 3.00mm £61.50


MSFW-DIN125-M16-B Black M16 30.00mm 17.00mm 3.00mm £73.10


MSFW-DIN125-M20 Natural M20 37.00mm 21.00mm 3.00mm £79.50


MSFW-DIN125-M20-B Black M20 37.00mm 21.00mm 3.00mm £95.60


MSFW-DIN125-M24 Natural M24 44.00mm 25.00mm 4.00mm £127.25


MSFW-DIN125-M24-B Black M24 44.00mm 25.00mm 4.00mm £196.96


MSFW-DIN125-M27 Natural M27 50.00mm 28.00mm 4.00mm £213.94


MSFW-DIN125-M27-B Black M27 50.00mm 28.00mm 4.00mm £353.00


MSFW-DIN125-M30 Natural M30 56.00mm 31.00mm 4.00mm £296.86


MSFW-DIN125-M30-B Black M30 56.00mm 31.00mm 4.00mm £489.82


MSFW-DIN125-M33 Natural M33 60.00mm 34.00mm 5.00mm £317.60


MSFW-DIN125-M33-B Black M33 60.00mm 34.00mm 5.00mm £524.04


MSFW-DIN125-M36 Natural M36 66.00mm 37.00mm 5.00mm £324.14


MSFW-DIN125-M36-B Black M36 66.00mm 37.00mm 5.00mm £534.83


MSFW-DIN125-M40 Natural M40 72.00mm 41.00mm 6.00mm £398.74


MSFW-DIN125-M40-B Black M40 72.00mm 41.00mm 6.00mm £657.92