P Clips


Screw down 
Securely clamps hoses & wiring
Cost effective

  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 100

19 products
Product Code Color Width Length Bundle Dia Screw Price per pack Quantity
NUC-0 Natural 9.50mm 8.40mm 3.20mm 4.30mm £2.18


NUC-0 Black 9.50mm 8.40mm 3.20mm 4.30mm £2.18


NUC-0.5 Natural 9.50mm 10.92mm 4.80mm 4.30mm £2.54


NUC-0.5 Black 9.50mm 10.92mm 4.80mm 4.30mm £2.54


NUC-1 Natural 9.50mm 10.40mm 6.35mm 4.30mm £2.70


NUC-1 Black 9.50mm 10.40mm 6.35mm 4.30mm £2.70


NUC-1.5 Natural 9.50mm 15.00mm 7.94mm 4.30mm £2.75


NUC-1.5 Black 9.50mm 15.00mm 7.94mm 4.30mm £2.75


NUC-2 Natural 9.53mm 15.11mm 9.53mm 4.32mm £3.15


NUC-2 Black 9.53mm 15.11mm 9.53mm 4.32mm £3.15


NUC-3 Natural 9.53mm 14.58mm 12.70mm 4.32mm £3.80


NUC-3 Black 9.53mm 14.58mm 12.70mm 4.32mm £3.80


NUC-4 Natural 12.70mm 16.70mm 15.80mm 4.30mm £4.10


NUC-4 Black 12.70mm 16.70mm 15.80mm 4.30mm £4.10


NUC-5 Natural 12.70mm 19.80mm 19.40mm 5.30mm £8.98


NUC-5 Black 12.70mm 19.80mm 19.40mm 5.30mm £8.98


NUC-6 Natural 12.70mm 23.11mm 25.40mm 5.20mm £7.18


NUC-6 Black 12.70mm 23.11mm 25.40mm 5.20mm £7.18


NUC-9 Black 12.70mm 31.00mm 38.10mm 5.20mm £6.65