Standard Metric Nylon Spacers
  • Standard Metric Nylon Spacers

Standard Metric Nylon Spacers


Our range of metric nylon spacers are available in the following sizes.

M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8

These plastic spacers are ideal for using for insulation or standoff purposes

  • Nylon 6
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
Other sizes available, please click here for more information.

Supplied in packs of 1000

42 products
Product Code Desc OD ID Length Price per pack Quantity
BMSPR-400-260-005 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 5mm £31.24


BMSPR-400-260-010 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 10mm £31.35


BMSPR-400-260-015 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 15mm £41.44


BMSPR-400-260-020 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 20mm £46.15


BMSPR-400-260-025 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 25mm £50.19


BMSPR-400-260-030 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 30mm £53.34


BMSPR-600-320-005 M3 6mm 3.2mm 5mm £36.08


BMSPR-600-320-010 M3 6mm 3.2mm 10mm £37.29


BMSPR-600-320-015 M3 6mm 3.2mm 15mm £37.35


BMSPR-600-320-020 M3 6mm 3.2mm 20mm £47.80


BMSPR-600-320-025 M3 6mm 3.2mm 25mm £53.77


BMSPR-600-320-030 M3 6mm 3.2mm 30mm £58.00


BMSPR-800-430-005 M4 8mm 4.3mm 5mm £31.35


BMSPR-800-430-010 M4 8mm 4.3mm 10mm £43.53


BMSPR-800-430-015 M4 8mm 4.3mm 15mm £46.56


BMSPR-800-430-020 M4 8mm 4.3mm 20mm £60.92


BMSPR-800-430-025 M4 8mm 4.3mm 25mm £62.81


BMSPR-800-430-030 M4 8mm 4.3mm 30mm £70.21


BMSPR-1000-530-005 M5 10mm 5.3mm 5mm £40.29


BMSPR-1000-530-010 M5 10mm 5.3mm 10mm £50.55


BMSPR-1000-530-015 M5 10mm 5.3mm 15mm £53.35


BMSPR-1000-530-020 M5 10mm 5.3mm 20mm £65.69


BMSPR-1000-530-025 M5 10mm 5.3mm 25mm £83.72


BMSPR-1000-530-030 M5 10mm 5.3mm 30mm £89.49


BMSPR-1200-640-005 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 5mm £31.85


BMSPR-1200-640-010 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 10mm £47.42


BMSPR-1200-640-015 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 15mm £67.98


BMSPR-1200-640-020 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 20mm £87.15


BMSPR-1200-640-025 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 25mm £91.89


BMSPR-1200-640-030 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 30mm £93.86


BMSPR-1500-840-005 M8 15mm 8.4mm 5mm £51.15


BMSPR-1500-840-010 M8 15mm 8.4mm 10mm £67.89


BMSPR-1500-840-015 M8 15mm 8.4mm 15mm £92.55


BMSPR-1500-840-020 M8 15mm 8.4mm 20mm £107.86


BMSPR-1500-840-025 M8 15mm 8.4mm 25mm £113.63


BMSPR-1500-840-030 M8 15mm 8.4mm 30mm £134.62


BMSPR-1700-840-005 M8 17mm 8.4mm 5mm £35.66


BMSPR-1700-840-010 M8 17mm 8.4mm 10mm £68.21


BMSPR-1700-840-015 M8 17mm 8.4mm 15mm £96.58


BMSPR-1700-840-020 M8 17mm 8.4mm 20mm £114.60


BMSPR-1700-840-025 M8 17mm 8.4mm 25mm £142.71


BMSPR-1700-840-030 M8 17mm 8.4mm 30mm £161.15