Standard Metric Nylon Spacers
  • Standard Metric Nylon Spacers

Standard Metric Nylon Spacers


Our range of metric nylon spacers

  • Nylon 6
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
Other Lengths available 2mm-30mm - Please see

Supplied in packs of 1000

37 products
Product Code Desc OD ID Length Price per pack Quantity
BMSPR-400-260-005 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 5mm £32.10


BMSPR-400-260-010 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 10mm £36.83


BMSPR-400-260-015 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 15mm £41.58


BMSPR-400-260-020 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 20mm £51.07


BMSPR-400-260-025 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 25mm £57.12


BMSPR-400-260-030 M2.5 4mm 2.6mm 30mm £61.87


BMSPR-600-320-005 M3 6mm 3.2mm 5mm £29.37


BMSPR-600-320-010 M3 6mm 3.2mm 10mm £34.10


BMSPR-600-320-015 M3 6mm 3.2mm 15mm £38.77


BMSPR-600-320-020 M3 6mm 3.2mm 20mm £43.58


BMSPR-600-320-025 M3 6mm 3.2mm 25mm £49.72


BMSPR-600-320-030 M3 6mm 3.2mm 30mm £54.52


BMSPR-800-430-005 M4 8mm 4.3mm 5mm £34.10


BMSPR-800-430-010 M4 8mm 4.3mm 10mm £38.83


BMSPR-800-430-015 M4 8mm 4.3mm 15mm £43.58


BMSPR-800-430-020 M4 8mm 4.3mm 20mm £53.07


BMSPR-800-430-025 M4 8mm 4.3mm 25mm £59.12


BMSPR-800-430-030 M4 8mm 4.3mm 30mm £63.87


BMSPR-1000-530-005 M5 10mm 5.3mm 5mm £38.83


BMSPR-1000-530-010 M5 10mm 5.3mm 10mm £46.40


BMSPR-1000-530-015 M5 10mm 5.3mm 15mm £50.23


BMSPR-1000-530-020 M5 10mm 5.3mm 20mm £61.10


BMSPR-1000-530-025 M5 10mm 5.3mm 25mm £62.90


BMSPR-1000-530-030 M5 10mm 5.3mm 30mm £67.23


BMSPR-1200-640-005 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 5mm £41.95


BMSPR-1200-640-010 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 10mm £51.15


BMSPR-1200-640-015 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 15mm £57.48


BMSPR-1200-640-020 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 20mm £65.48


BMSPR-1200-640-025 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 25mm £73.04


BMSPR-1200-640-030 M6 12.5mm 6.4mm 30mm £77.57


BMSPR-1500-840-005 M8 15mm 8.4mm 5mm £55.82


BMSPR-1500-840-010 M8 15mm 8.4mm 10mm £67.45


BMSPR-1500-840-015 M8 15mm 8.4mm 15mm £78.92


BMSPR-1500-840-020 M8 15mm 8.4mm 20mm £81.04


BMSPR-1500-840-025 M8 15mm 8.4mm 25mm £88.95


BMSPR-1500-840-030 M8 15mm 8.4mm 30mm £93.34


BMSPR-1500-1040-010 M10 15mm 10.5mm 10mm £82.12