Flat Nail Clips


Our range of flat nail clips

  • Polypropylene with steel nail
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C

Supplied in packs of 1000

14 products
Product Code Color Height Int Width Int Height Price per pack Quantity
FC-4 White 6.00mm 4.00mm 3.80mm £11.35


FC-5 White 6.00mm 5.00mm 3.80mm £12.74


FC-6 White 6.50mm 6.00mm 4.10mm £13.60


FC-8 White 7.50mm 8.00mm 5.00mm £14.15


FC-10 White 8.60mm 10.00mm 5.70mm £19.12


FC-12 White 9.00mm 12.00mm 6.10mm £21.35


FC-14 White 11.20mm 14.00mm 6.50mm £31.75


FC-4 Grey 6.00mm 4.00mm 3.80mm £11.35


FC-5 Grey 6.00mm 5.00mm 3.80mm £12.74


FC-6 Grey 6.50mm 6.00mm 4.10mm £13.60


FC-8 Grey 7.50mm 8.00mm 5.00mm £14.15


FC-10 Grey 8.60mm 10.00mm 5.70mm £19.12


FC-12 Grey 9.00mm 12.00mm 6.10mm £21.35


FC-14 Grey 11.20mm 14.00mm 6.50mm £31.75