Metric Slotted Thumb Machine Screws
  • Metric Slotted Thumb Machine Screws
  • Metric Slotted Thumb Machine Screws

Metric Slotted Thumb Machine Screws


 For an easily releasable application our Metric Nylon Slotted Thumb Machine Screws can be tightened our undone manually or by slotted driver, great for frequently accessed covers and panels.

Supplied in packs of 1000
  • Nylon 66
  • UL94-V2
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +85°C
    Black available to order, please call

Other lengths available across the Metric range to order, please call

18 products
Product Code Desc Thread Head Dia Head Height Length Price per pack Quantity
MS-M04-007-MTS006 M4 X 6 0.7mm 9.7mm 7.1mm 6mm £51.75


MS-M04-007-MTS008 M4 X 8 0.7mm 9.7mm 7.1mm 8mm £51.88


MS-M04-007-MTS010 M4 X 10 0.7mm 9.7mm 7.1mm 10mm £51.95


MS-M04-007-MTS012 M4 X 12 0.7mm 9.7mm 7.1mm 12mm £52.15


MS-M04-007-MTS016 M4 X 16 0.7mm 9.7mm 7.1mm 16mm £52.42


MS-M04-007-MTS020 M4 X 20 0.7mm 9.7mm 7.1mm 20mm £57.98


MS-M05-008-MTS008 M5 X 8 0.8mm 10.04mm 7.75mm 8mm £53.93


MS-M05-008-MTS010 M5 X 10 0.8mm 10.04mm 7.75mm 10mm £54.05


MS-M05-008-MTS012 M5 X 12 0.8mm 10.04mm 7.75mm 12mm £54.23


MS-M05-008-MTS016 M5 X 16 0.8mm 10.04mm 7.75mm 16mm £54.65


MS-M05-008-MTS020 M5 X 20 0.8mm 10.04mm 7.75mm 20mm £58.98


MS-M05-008-MTS025 M5 X 25 0.8mm 10.04mm 7.75mm 25mm £71.05


MS-M05-008-MTS040 M5 X 40 0.8mm 10.04mm 7.75mm 40mm £74.04


MS-M06-010-MTS012 M6 X 12 1mm 12.21mm 7.75mm 12mm £66.05


MS-M06-010-MTS016 M6 X 16 1mm 12.21mm 7.75mm 16mm £66.20


MS-M06-010-MTS020 M6 X 20 1mm 12.21mm 7.75mm 20mm £71.34


MS-M06-010-MTS025 M6 X 25 1mm 12.21mm 7.75mm 25mm £71.43


MS-M06-010-MTS030 M6 X 30 1mm 12.21mm 7.75mm 30mm £71.79