Ball Knob Gloss Finish
  • Ball Knob Gloss Finish
  • Ball Knob Gloss Finish
  • Ball Knob Gloss Finish

Ball Knob-17AF


Our range of plastic ball knobs fitted with an internal metric thread in sizes M4 to M12. Used on levers and shafts for a range of Industries including Gymnasiums and Construction.

  • Duroplast with Metric Thread
  • Gloss Finish
  • RoHS Compliant¬†
  • Available in Black only

Supplied in packs of 10 units

Other sizes available to Order, please enquire

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Product Code Thread OD (A) Height (B) (C) Dim Enquire
BK-17AF-PK-M4-16 M4 16.00mm 15.00mm 8.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M5-16 M5 16.00mm 15.00mm 8.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M5-19 M5 19.00mm 17.00mm 12.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M6-19 M6 19.00mm 17.00mm 12.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M6-25 M6 25.00mm 23.00mm 14.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M6-32 M6 32.00mm 30.00mm 15.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M8-25 M8 25.00mm 23.00mm 14.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M8-32 M8 32.00mm 30.00mm 15.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M8-38 M8 38.00mm 36.00mm 17.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M10-32 M10 32.00mm 30.00mm 15.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M10-38 M10 38.00mm 36.00mm 17.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M10-44 M10 44.00mm 43.00mm 13.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M12-38 M12 38.00mm 36.00mm 17.00mm

BK-17AF-PK-M12-44 M12 44.00mm 43.00mm 13.00mm