Self Adhesive Aluminium Open Arm Clip 2 Series


Our range of Self Adhesive Aluminium Open Arm Clip 2 Series

  • This range of self adhesive aluminum cable clips offer a strong and economical method for fastening round, bunched cables
  • Outstanding grip and shear performance Aluminium-BS EN 485 1050A
  • RoHS Compliant  a%20rohs%2030x26px.jpg
  • Tape-White closed cell polyethylene foam coated with high performance rubber based adhesive

Supplied in packs of 1000

13 products
Product Code Width Length Bundle Dia Price per pack Quantity
ACCSAOA129940-1 9.40mm 12.90mm 12.70m £98.25


ACCSAOA193157-1 19.00mm 19.30mm 15.70m £98.41


ACCSAOA256221-1 25.40mm 25.60mm 22.10m £105.36


ACCSAOA320284-1 31.70mm 32.00mm 28.40m £114.72


ACCSAOA334298-1 33.10mm 33.40mm 29.80m £117.63


ACCSAOA383348-1 38.10mm 38.30mm 34.80m £122.25


ACCSAOA436401-1 43.30mm 43.60mm 40.10m £127.56


ACCSAOA447411-1 44.40mm 44.70mm 41.10m £130.35


ACCSAOA511475-1 50.80mm 51.10mm 47.50m £137.07


ACCSAOA574538-1 57.10mm 57.40mm 53.80m £146.70


ACCSAOA637602-1 63.50mm 63.70mm 60.20m £153.78


ACCSAOA701665-1 69.80mm 70.10mm 66.50m £160.92


ACCSAOA764729-1 76.20mm 76.40mm 72.90m £169.26